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Today’s data is growing exponentially. In fact, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race! For organizations, this means that keeping your data secure, compliant and accessible will continue to create challenges for technical professionals. Our data storage assessment will examine your current solutions to identify security, compliance and architectural issues. We will work with your team to create a solution that is future proofed to allow for both expansion and cost containment.

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Data Storage Assessment Information


  • Review existing environment to establish goals and problem areas
  • Create scans of your physical and virtual hosts
  • Define your current capacities and utilization rate
  • Evaluate current design for improved performance opportunities
  • Supply optimization suggestions keeping within specified cost considerations
  • Provide design recommendations for optimal data storage


Comport will work with your team to help create the right storage infrastructure for your particular needs. Our storage assessment will navigate through 3 stages, culminating with an analysis and recommendation for a storage environment to solve your needs now and in the future. Our data storage assessment covers the following:

  • Needs Analysis: Comport will work with your team to facilitate business and technology discussions to understand the challenges you are facing and the corporate initiatives you would like to accomplish with your data.
  • Discovery: We will complete an analysis of your storage environment including scanning your arrays’ physical and virtual hosts. A complete virtual topography of your scanned environment is created, including all virtual appliances. Measurements of your current capacity and utilization percentages are provided.
  • Recommendations and Results Review: We will compile an analysis of results with recommendations for your organization including information obtained during the discovery phase, as well as any immediate vulnerabilities or system problems. We will then review future recommendations and work with you to create a storage road-map.


During the storage assessment, we will provide subject matter experts for storage and data management as well as industry leading tools to analyze your storage environment. At the conclusion of the assessment, we will create a technical summary of our key findings and recommendations for your infrastructure. We will identify immediate risks as well as provide suggestions to create an environment that will tackle data expansion, accessibility and security concerns.


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