What’s Causing Healthcare Organizations to Adopt GreenLake?

Healthcare IT teams have it tough. One of their biggest responsibilities is to create a seamless user experience for hospital staff so these essential care teams can focus on treating patients instead of troubleshooting technology.

This goal of creating a frictionless user experience for doctors, nurses, and support staff is complicated because of the increasing intricacy of healthcare technology systems.

Healthcare IT teams must meet the demands for scalability, reliable remote access, and advanced cybersecurity protection. This running list of responsibilities turns the limited capacity that resources have available into a coveted asset.

It’s apparent that healthcare technologists work in a tough field. So what’s an IT leader to do in this situation? How can internal healthcare technology leaders prepare their IT infrastructure for the future?

This is where HPE GreenLake has piqued the interest of healthcare CIOs. GreenLake is a consumption-based IT model that changes how teams approach their technology. Users only pay for the IT they consume, which is especially interesting to healthcare leaders who are looking to stretch their budgets.

5 Factors Driving HPE GreenLake’s Adoption in Healthcare

HPE Healthcare Chief Technologist Steve Cotham explained five factors driving HPE GreenLake’s adoption among healthcare facilities,

“With HPE GreenLake we have an opportunity to help our customers manage down costs and risks. Customers are looking for IT that is always on, scalable, secure and delivered in a consumption-based offering. With HPE GreenLake we are able to deliver in each one of those areas. We give customers the cloud experience on-premises, while at the same time providing the ability to manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments whether that is on-premises, private cloud, colocation, public or any combination of that.”

1. Always-on security with HPE GreenLake’s end-to-end protection.

Cotham said that no matter what solution is on the table, security is always part of the conversation. A recent HPE survey of healthcare IT decision makers reported that 72% of respondents marked security as the number one concern when deciding whether to move their data to the public cloud. Fortunately, security is baked into everything HPE does. HPE’s end-to-end security provides a layer of protection against the increase in ransomware attacks today.

2. Simple virtualization is a must-have for remote care.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments were key to making remote care work throughout the pandemic. HPE GreenLake enables telehealth programs by scaling VDI or creating a virtual environment from the ground up. Whether a healthcare organization has VDI in place or not, GreenLake enables rapid remote care.

3. A lack of control over data egress charges has some healthcare organizations taking workloads back on-premise.

The beauty of HPE GreenLake is that it works with any environment—on-premises, private cloud, colocation, public, or any combination thereof. Healthcare companies that put their data on the public cloud are starting to take their workloads back to on-premises solutions for more control. GreenLake helps with this because it provides a cloud-like experience on-premises.

4. HPE GreenLake integrates with leading healthcare apps, including Epic.

Two words: Epic integration. HPE GreenLake goes beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service and into Platform-as-a-Service. With the Epic pipeline growing steadily, GreenLake customers are equipped with an Epic-certified resource to manage those environments. Beyond Epic, HPE GreenLake has the ability to integrate with medical imaging software and is expanding its AI integrations.

5. Users only pay for the IT they consume with scalable technology from HPE GreenLake.

Today’s healthcare IT budgets are stretched thin. A major advantage of HPE GreenLake is the option to pay-as-you-consume. By only paying for what you consume, you’re able to stretch your budget further, as well as scale on demand.

While the many benefits of implementing GreenLake are apparent, the most impressive advantage is that there’s no need to overextend your budget or your internal resources to get a high-performing IT system. With a pay-as-you-go structure and 24/7/365 support provided by Comport, you can leverage your team and your budget to create a modern IT system.

Test drive HPE GreenLake with a tailored trial managed by ComportSecure to determine the best path forward to meet your organization’s needs.

Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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