How Healthcare WAN Wins with Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect

While telemedicine and artificial intelligence have stolen the technology spotlight in the healthcare sector, it turns out that the wide area network (WAN) should also be on the list of great ways to optimize efficiency and lower costs.

As you know WAN connects devices throughout a facility such as medical devices, monitoring equipment and other digital innovations. It allows for streamlined communication between providers and patients. However, traditional WAN carries limitations that newer options overcome.

Keeping Up with Demand Is The Challenge With Traditional WAN

Traditional WAN architectures cannot keep up with today’s demands. Unreliable broadband services paired with high costs simply don’t handle the enormous amounts of data including medical imaging, EHR information and much more. Further, segmenting applications is often impossible with traditional WAN, which can ultimately lead to HIPAA violations.

Lack of visibility, minimal automation capabilities and the complete unavailability of streamlined maintenance alternatives are all serious drawbacks. When communications slow, it negatively impacts the functioning of the entire healthcare facility, from patient experience to security. There’s a better way with Comport’s healthcare IT solutions!

Revolutionizing WAN Architectures with Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect

Silver Peak’s networking model is specifically helpful to healthcare organizations. There are four buckets of benefits to consider:

1. Traffic Routing & Security Segmentation

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect provides overlays for different needs within the network. It routes traffic based on defined policies to improve the delivery of healthcare information and speed of patient care. It also permits segmenting to comply with security requirements. In addition, it pairs seamlessly with existing business operations and applications without constraints imposed by a slow or clunky WAN.

2. Highest Quality of Experience

Transferring large amounts of data, even over broadband, is critical for healthcare facilities. EdgeConnect uses a unique tunnel bonding and packet-by-packet load balancing protocol that allows you to take better advantage of the bandwidth you have. It also features built-in capabilities like QoS over internet and path conditioning using adaptive Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Packet Order Correction (POC) techniques that improve patient care by delivering better telemedicine experiences. Redirecting cloud-based applications to the closest host destination rather than forcing the data to go back to one centralized location also makes for fast information sharing.

3. Continuous Adaptation Increases Uptime/Reliability

Silver Peak SD-WAN continuously monitors network resources to provide real-time responses to errors, decreasing downtime and blackouts. Changing network conditions are reviewed faster, and they automatically trigger adjustments to provide the type of high-quality performance that healthcare facilities need to function well.

4. Centralized Management & Fast Provisioning

The Silver Peak SD-WAN platform is designed for security, routing, optimization and visibility. Keeping everything in view via centralized management streamlines network operations. Unified orchestration provides faster provisioning for new facilities and applications. Troubleshooting across the platform is easier, with no need to hop back and forth among various systems or structures to determine which portion is not working correctly.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect Creates a Smart Healthcare Experience

Better, reliable communication among care providers within a healthcare facility is a foundation of great patient care. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect meets the challenges because it was designed with modern needs and healthcare providers in mind. It delivers high-quality experiences, better ways to maintain HIPAA compliance, monitors potential security and other issues, and streamlines various software and cloud-based services and applications.

To create efficiencies and reduce costs in your healthcare organization, reach out to Comport, a healthcare IT solutions provider and network expert with 30+ years of experience.


Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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