Simplify Network Management with Artificial Intelligence

If you asked any IT professional what their current network management issues are, they’d likely mention at least one of the following: understanding who is on their networking, security within their network or day-to-day network management.

According to one recent study conducted by EMA in April 2020, roughly 57% of an IT professional’s time is currently spent investigating various performance issues. This lack of insight into their network takes them away from more valuable tasks. In addition, IoT is already invading networks but by 2029, Gartner predicts a large insurgence of additional devices. With nefarious actors trying to find unusual entry ways, understanding what these devices are and how they are accessing your network will be very important. Finally, many professionals say that they have far too many tools for network management. It has been estimated that at least 64% of IT organizations are using, at a minimum, four separate tools for network management purposes making the correlation of data very difficult.

IT teams are looking for any opportunity to increase efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness for the network. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

What Can AI Bring to Your Network?

AI-powered network management solutions can make your team more effective while increasing their job satisfaction. Let’s look at how this technology can empower your team.

  • Predictive Network Maintenance
    With AI, you can define network rules at a high level and get more granular as you go.  AI can take over the time-consuming, menial tasks that your team hates, and, with machine learning, become more efficient over time.
  • Customized Response Capabilities
    AI solutions can also help you manage your network more efficiently by identifying issues earlier, diagnosing and, in some cases, repairing those issues on their own (with the help of machine learning). Not only does this allow your team to take a far more proactive approach to network operations (by identifying when conditions deviate from “normal” faster), but it also helps prevent periods of unexpected and costly downtime.
  • Threat Detection
    AI can also provide significant insights into what is on a network. With alerting capabilities, you can receive notices when an unusual device is on your system. These systems can also be used to create customized responses to particular known issues or nefarious devices, so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to deal with an issue, your system takes care of it for you.

When you think about the overwhelming task list for your IT team, making network management easier is a no-brainer. AI can help predict and preempt issues before they happen. There’s a lot of tools out there but we are going to discuss one that helps take over a list of tools and combine them into one…Aruba AI Ops.

What is Aruba AI Ops?

Let’s start by discuss Aruba Central Cloud where Aruba AI Ops lives. Aruba Central was built to create a single pane of glass for your network. Aruba has taken this technology and added on solutions to refine it, allowing them to work together, within this system so you don’t have disparate networking tools.

Aruba AI Ops is an automation tool powered by artificial intelligence that is designed to bring with it automated enhanced network efficiency. It combines big data and machine learning into a single platform, allowing you to automate IT operations. This includes not only tasks like event correlation, but also anomaly detection, causality determination, and more. How?

  • Understand Root Cause Faster
    With Aruba AI Ops, you can easily get to the root cause of known issues and resolve them faster than ever. For example, Aruba AI Ops identifies connectivity and authentication issues, showing you both the issue and the cause while also providing prescriptive recommendations to improve/fix the issue.
  • Faster Identification and Resolution of Issues
    Because Aruba AI utilizes a database of learned information, it is able to both identify issues faster and resolve them based on historical information (pooled from Aruba devices). This means making an impact before these issues affect the organization.
  • Continuous Network Optimization
    Aruba customers can utilize Aruba NetInsight via their central management consol. This allows IT teams to analyze real-time data from their network, devices, and sites for actionable data. In addition, Aruba’s access to peer-based optimization recommendations lets IT professionals learn from others.
  • Understanding What’s On Your Network
    All of this leads you to a point where you can finally understand what is on your network. Built into the Aruba Central Cloud is a Client Insights feature that profiles your network in real-time with up to 99% accuracy. Not only does this help tremendously for planning purposes, but it also goes a long way towards maximizing security as well.

In the end, network management is critically important to the ongoing success of any business – but with AI, it doesn’t have to take up the majority of your IT team’s time. AI solutions like Aruba AI Ops enable straightforward and simple network management. Aruba AIOps applies over 18 years of proven network expertise and draws from extensive data sets for wired, wireless and SD-WAN devices to identify anomalies and provide prescriptive recommendations that network admins can trust.

To find out more about leveraging artificial intelligence for better network managements, reach out to Comport, a platinum Aruba Partner. With over 20 years’ experience in network solutions, we can find the right solutions for your team – contact Comport today.

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