Redefining HCI with Artificial Intelligence

More and more enterprises are looking for all opportunities to accelerate innovation, reduce time to market, streamline operations and reduce costs. This is why hyperconverged solutions have become critically important the last few years.  By leaving behind the complexities of 3-tier legacy infrastructures the business gained the agility of the cloud with the controls of their on-premises data center plus fast deployments, superior performance and streamlined management—all at a lower cost.All good!

The next evolution of HCI involves adding predictive AI-driven intelligence, to prevent problems before they happen and further automate management tasks. Powered by HPE’s InfoSight AI platform, the redefined Simplivity HCI has the agility of public cloud at half the cost. This Intelligent HCI is capable of running the most demanding workloads with the simplicity, efficiency and economy of hyperconverged across an entire environment.

Intelligent Hyperconverged: The New Standard for Business

To get an idea why the HPE Simplivity Intelligent HCI is so important, let’s first review the benefits it already brings on Day 0 and Day 1.

  • Easy to deploy, thanks to a software-defined infrastructure that is abstracted from hardware. This creates a single pool of centrally orchestrated resources easily accessible by all.
  • Easy to manage, thanks to integrated compute, storage and networking with unified management processes that eliminates tasks with data silos.
  • Policy-based automation removes manual processes entirely, freeing up valuable employee time to spend on innovation and new projects by 91%.
  • Easy to scale & upgrade – start small and scale out in increments, reducing cost by 69% with smaller footprint, power/cooling, space, and licensing.
  • Hyperefficient to include built-in BU, DR, and Secondary Storage with no third party required as well as Edge Optimized, reducing complexity and lowering overhead in remote sites and small / mid-size data centers.

But What Happens with HCI Day 2 and Beyond?

HPE recognized that a new type of hyperconverged solution was needed to streamline the jobs of IT Operations. AI that proactively provided the right information, prevented disruptions and handled mundane tasks:

  • With detailed resource, capacity utilization and performance data with automated alerts.
  • Smart to identify and eliminate potential application disruptions and delays.
  • One-click non-disruptive upgrades of firmware, hypervisor and Simplivity software across all sites.
  • That made scaling of compute and storage fast and more flexible than ever before.

Powered by HPE’s InfoSight AI, you can deploy rack-to-apps with server and storage automation in as little as 15 minutes. The virtual machine-centric data services and resource management workflows make it as simple to manage as you could ever want. It’s also simple to scale, as InfoSight will automatically discover new resources and transparently upgrade in a strategic way.

It’s simple to support—predictive support automation and problem prevention tools stop problems and disruptions before they become bigger and expensive. This brings us to the most important benefit of all: you can finally stop focusing so much attention on your technology and get on with running your business, the way it always should have been.

If you’re ready to explore hyperconverged solutions that leap beyond software defined to include AI intelligence to manage this necessary “stuff”, reach out to Comport for a nice chat to discuss your options.

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