Don Pringle

With over 20 years of experience in enterprise IT Operations, Don is a seasoned technology leader. He has helped customers create strategies for data center implementation, migration and management whether on-premises or in the cloud.   Don currently leads ComportSecure’s Cloud Technology, Managed Services and Professional Services.

Don’s recent experience includes leading a team at Gartner that created a digital transformation strategy for the move to hybrid cloud. This transformation included consolidation and migrations of datacenters (including “infrastructure as a code”), implementation of CICD Strategy (Concepts in Continual Integration), and inclusion of native cloud and VMWare cloud technologies. Don was also a key player managing several Gartner acquisitions and expansions over the years including the most recent CEB acquisition.

Don is an Eagle Scout and an avid recreational boater.  The scouting experience has provided him with years of leading and building teams, his personal passion is helping others reach their full potential.  During his downtime from IT, Don enjoys navigating up and down the east coast of the US with his family.

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