Enterprise Data Center Design

Organizations can benefit greatly when they outsource all or part of their IT operations.  You stand to gain higher levels of security, reliability, scalability, modern infrastructure, and staff efficiencies. Often you can better tend to strategic areas of your business when the day-to-day tasks that consume the organization are removed or lessened. With this different approach to providing services comes a responsibility to minimize risk to your organization and optimize the expected outcomes.

Your backups, disaster recovery, and delivery of IT services will now depend on another data center, which does not receive your daily maintenance and upkeep.  You will want to ensure that the numerous elements contributing to the protection of your data are established with excellence.

ComportSecure operates within the most intelligently designed data centers available today.

  • Highest-rated Tier 5 data centers surpass the Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Gold standards.
  • Take advantage of world-class technology you can depend on – without the capital investment. Most clients could never afford this level of data center on their own!
  • Powered by the most reliable network backbone and unparalleled telecom gateways, you connect quickly and seamlessly.
  • Operating with 100% renewable energy, ComportSecure services are delivered from the industry-leading data centers that are committed to eco-friendly and self-sustaining operations and design.

If you thought building a Tier 5 Data Center was easy, think again! ComportSecure customers access data centers designed to prevent disasters.  For one example, exterior walls are windowless, constructed of concrete or similarly non-flammable, non-penetrable materials.  Seeing the full extent of preparedness is powerful.  We strongly recommend that your team take a tour, either virtual or physical (or both).

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