Epic As A Service

Epic as a Service with HPE GreenLake

A breakthrough program to manage your EHR and reduce costs

Deep Epic EHR Expertise + HPE Infrastructure On-Premises

Your Epic EHR is the essential foundation of your healthcare operations. GreenLake Epic as a Service has been years in development and presents a new way to acquire, maintain and ensure optimal delivery of services to patients and clinicians. Total cost of ownership is significantly reduced. Comport and our partner HPE deliver Epic as a Service for simplified operations, increased efficiency and agility–cloud-like with the benefits of on-premises controls.

What Are The Advantages of Epic as a Service?

Epic as a Service powered by HPE GreenLake is a comprehensive ‘as a service’ offering that provides:

  • Pay Per Use:  Predictable monthly invoice vs paying upfront saves 30-40% yet ensures scalability
  • Simpler IT:  Hardware, software and expertise to make your EHR run smoothly. Most problems are no longer yours!
  • Epic-Validated Infrastructure:  With a 25+ year Epic partnership, 65% of Epic runs on HPE infrastructure—the proven solution
  • Security and Control:  Cloud-like flexibility with on-premises security, control of your infrastructure and compliance
  • Reliability:  85% less unplanned downtime

Epic is complex which is why Epic as a Service is gaining traction. Comport and HPE will help simplify your EHR delivery so your team can attend to innovation that impacts patient care. Learn more about Epic as a Service with a briefing and Q&A.

Epic as a Service

Comport Has Been Providing Healthcare IT Solutions for 30+ years

Healthcare organizations are rethinking their IT solutions as cost pressures are mounting. Epic as a Service gives you a cloud like solution that is Epic-validated and secure, hosted on premises. Comport and HPE’s experience transforming healthcare organizations from traditional environments to as a service solutions creating an optimal ecosystem.

Comport Provides Simplified, Secure IT​

Epic as a Service empowers you with a managed service that provides extra time to focus on what’s important—patient care and healthcare innovation. Comport has been providing healthcare and hospital IT services and solutions to simplify environments, minimize costs and get your team back to innovation. 

Secure Healthcare IT


An EHR provided via as a service, backed by Epic-validated infrastructure can provide powerful benefits. 

Learn more about what an Epic EHR as a service offering backed by HPE Greenlake looks like. 

In the healthcare industry, today’s demands on your IT staff and systems are almost impossibly high, make it easier.

The Changing World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare IT is changing fast—but ComportSecure can keep you up to date. Explore this interactive infographic to learn about modern digital healthcare strategies.

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