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With the increasing number of personally-owned and hospital-issued wireless medical and mobile devices in hospitals and across healthcare systems, your wireless network has more demands than ever before. Healthcare IT teams must provide seamless log-is across facilities, while understanding who and what is on your network to prevent security intrusions, and reliability.  After all, when workflows, point-of-care, and guest happiness depend on connecting, the expectation is 100% uptime.

Comport Healthcare Solutions’ networking team is highly-skilled in Gartner-leading technologies.  We understand how to work around the many challenges inherent in the physical environment of the hospital.  We have designed and implemented wireless (and wired) networks in large hospital systems with 14 hospitals with 120 remote sites as well as community hospitals with a single or few locations.  Security is paramount and must be built-in at several levels including device access, workflows, profiles.  Priorities are important for performance. We will guide you, including in multi-vendor environments.

Comport specializes in healthcare, not just the network but what’s connecting to your network. We understand how to integrate IoT, BYOD and more into your environment. Connecting medical devices to Electronic Health Records (EHR) for example, has created clinician efficiencies, including real-time location tracking to quickly find equipment and assets.  Also, let’s not forget about patient experience – app consolidation, wayfinding (from the parking facility to the destinations and back again), retail alerting (ordering and delivery of food and gift shop items), patients facetiming and texting with family…all of these technologies and more depend on the robustness of the underlying wireless network.

In today’s world, your healthcare partner’s knowledge and know-how are more than important— they are essential to your IT and clinical success.  Comport is well-prepared for the challenge!

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