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April 30, 2020 – Webinar: How Cyber AI Revolutionizes “Immunity” to Cloud Threats

Securing cloud, hybrid and on premise is harder than ever as sophisticated cyber-criminals exploit the hidden corners of expansive digital infrastructure. Threats can go undetected for a very long time, while at the same time attackers are evolving more quickly than ever. The question becomes not just “How quickly can you detect cyber-attacks across your business – but how quickly can you stop them?”

Join Nabil Zoldjalali, Darktrace’s Director of Cloud Security and Erik Krucker, Comport’s CTO, for a discussion on recent trends, emerging threats, and how machine learning and AI have revolutionized cloud cyber defense.

This webinar will cover:
– The latest emerging threats against the cloud.
– The impact remote work is having on cloud access and security.
– How machine learning and AI protect cloud infrastructure and
– Real-world case studies.

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