Use of Managed IT Services are expanding. Why?

Is it time to ask for help?

An IT department stretched to the limits. A budget hanging on by a thread. Constant IT crises popping up like a game of whack-a-mole. Too many hours spent worrying whether your IT infrastructure can withstand a cyberattack. Can your business keep up with the speed of change and progress in the IT world?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve probably already considered Managed IT Services. In 2018, the use of Managed IT Services has grown significantly, particularly in the cloud arena. In fact, the cloud managed services market size is projected to grow from $27 Billion in 2017 to $53.78 Billion by 2022.  Not sure if you are ready to jump in? Let’s lay out the benefits for you…

Keep your squeaky wheels happy

Your end users, a.k.a. your employees and customers, tend to be your squeakiest wheels. Keeping them in a happy place is always a top priority. Your IT department and everyone else for that matter will hear about technical issues and continue to hear about them until they have been resolved. These issues keep your IT team busy, running straight from one “fire” to the next. Regular maintenance and prevention can eliminate the majority of these issues. MSPs make it their sole job to keep your IT infrastructure updated, secure, and running smoothly.

With today’s mobile, remote workforce, your end users will expect that you can support them in any way necessary. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your employees full IT support wherever they are? MSPs can offer remote monitoring and management (RMM), complete with 24x7x365 support, no downtime, up-to-date cyber security, and constant monitoring of your network’s health.

Managed IT Services can shift your IT approach, from reactive to proactive. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of silence, no calls on weekends or in the middle of the night. Your team has a better quality of life and your CIO will be happier with an IT team that is handling interesting  technology and producing innovative ideas for the business.

  • Cost Savings, Three Ways: The numbers don’t lie. Managed IT Services are better for your bottom line in three key ways. First, outsourcing works for a reason. The cost savings are real. With Managed IT Services, every time you offload an IT responsibility, you streamline your labor costs. Staff time currently consumed by menial maintenance tasks can be allocated more strategically. Second, downtime for your IT infrastructure equals lost business. Managed IT Services provide a protection layer, minimizing downtime and shielding your business’ digital assets. Third, by contracting with an MSP, you get reliable, predictable monthly costs. You can shift these expenses from Operating Expense to a Capital Expense, which will make your finance team smile.
  • Access to Best-In-Class Technology: The reality of today’s rapidly changing IT landscape is that it is virtually impossible to keep up. More likely, your IT department is over-taxed and undertrained. It is becoming less and less feasible for your team to handle the myriad of projects being thrown their way. Bring in some reinforcements with an MSP and stop playing catch-up. Let your MSP worry about keeping up with the newest technologies and security concerns. And they may just provide better technology for your infrastructure. Most companies cannot afford top of the line infrastructure, an MSP can host your data on superior, secure best-in-class technology that is continually updated.
  • Offload Your Worries: Stop worrying about your IT team’s daily performance. Stop worrying about the speed, flexibility, and strength of your IT infrastructure. An MSP will worry about all that for you, updates on your end user issues or infrastructure as you decided to utilize their services. Imagine a morning when you walk in to work and can actually finish your cup of coffee before having to put out fires. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.
  • Let the Innovation Begin!: By outsourcing daily helpdesk, infrastructure, maintenance and/or data management, you free up your internal staff to focus on higher-level business initiatives and strategic goals. Your staff doesn’t like wasting hours changing the proverbial light bulbs any more than you do. Put those brains to work and give them an actual challenge! This is also a great strategy for attracting the best talent to your IT team. As the tech labor market tightens, how do you stay competitive? Offering challenging opportunities and meaningful work is the best way to do it. No one will be jumping up to join your business if they know they’ll be drowning in a quagmire of outdated maintenance issues.
  • What about my existing IT team?: We know, outsourcing has toxic connotations. You may worry about how hiring an MSP will affect your team and their workload. Will you have to let your team go? No. In most cases, organizations keep their internal IT department intact and unchanged. According to CompTIA, only 6 percent of organizations that implemented Managed IT Services got rid of their internal IT team.

Here’s the recap:

By implementing Managed IT Services, you may experience:

  • Fewer costs
  • Fewer complaints
  • Fewer worries
  • More efficiency, and flexibility in your IT infrastructure
  • More time for staff to devote to higher-level business initiatives
  • More support for end users
  • More security

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