Improve Your Company’s Strategic Initiatives With BaaS

These days, the modern IT department is tasked with much more than infrastructure services. Technology teams are a vital part of the strategic organization of a company. The CIO often sits with other executives as a key decision maker in company-wide decisions.

Finding time to innovate for the future while maintaining the stability of the current environment is one of the biggest challenges for the IT department. Fortunately, there are some services and technologies in place that are beginning to recognize and address these needs.

BaaS Solutions – A Better Data Management Strategy

Currently, many companies employing a traditional backup strategy do not have the time nor the manpower to effectively manage data segmentation. Moving between disciplines means that companies are wasting more time and money on data than they are saving. This data is usually unorganized, so companies may also be spending too much on the stuff that isn’t important to the business.

BaaS providers not only provide traditional backup assistance, but they can also help a company define its most important data. BaaS providers can work with you to create separate tiers for sensitive data and non-critical data as well. Properly organized, a company can formulate a multi-tiered, cost effective data strategy. For instance, non-critical data has no need to be stored in Tier 5 data centers. Proprietary data on the other hand may require maximum security and other features such as de-duplication. Your tech team will have a much easier time being heroes once you provide them with the structure to organize your data and restore it on command.

Set It and Forget It!

BaaS solutions providers also give you the advantage of automation. Once your IT pros have decided on the rules that will govern your data, you can set those rules in motion and focus your attention on other things. Your Backup as a Service provider manages the routine tasks of saving, classifying, tracking and testing your data offsite. You can set up the processes to your unique needs while losing none of the convenience and security that the BaaS solution provides.

More automation also means less human error. The majority of breaches and emergency situations occur not because of the ingenuity of some hacker, but because of honest mistakes by in house staff.

Less Time Spent on Ensuring RPO’s Are Met

The market standard for an RPO continues to fall. Currently, if your company cannot whittle it down to a short hourly window, you have some work to do. Onsite teams are often forced to verify offsite backups, a duplicitous process that keeps your company from having time for innovation. The right BaaS provider keeps your RPOs up to speed with market standards while adhering to data management best practices. There is no reason for you to focus on mundane upkeep when your in house staff should be focusing on revenue generating business initiatives.

Meet your Recovery Time Objectives

Creating RTOs is a vital component in recovering your data quickly after a disaster. Even with the latest tech on your side, can really guarantee this actually happens? A partnership with a BaaS provider keeps your RTOs in check, guaranteeing that your company meets the standard in the event of an emergency, a careless mistake or an outage. Dealing with a Backup as a Service company also gives you the advantage of emergency expertise – these are people who deal with outages and other catastrophic situations for a living.

Simply More Secure

You need a physical and digital gap between your primary data flow and its backups. For all of the complexity involved in securing data, this simple idea is what generally keeps you safe from modern hackers, natural disasters and human error. On top of this, your security improves as you house your data in more sophisticated locations. Doing this on a company level is usually a prohibitive cost. Installation, repairs and maintenance are much better served through BaaS providers with access to more immediate, cost effective solutions at scale.

Future Proofing Your Company

Your data is very important to your business and must be protected! Enter the Backup as a Service provider, standing at the ready to provide you with the protection your business needs. Now, your company can feel free to innovate and even experiment with its data knowing that a backup to a viable instance is just a button press away. Not only will this engage your IT department, but it will inspire your other departments to innovate as well.

Make sure that any data infrastructure company you partner with shows a real interest in assessing and improving your data management strategy. This is the time to make long lasting choices that will affect the structure of your company for years to come. The right BaaS partner will help you define, allocate and secure your data, all in a convenient way. All the while, your in house staff gets to focus on strategic initiatives. There is very little downside to properly delegating your backup to a reputable partner, and the most successful companies in many industries (including IT) are doing just that.

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