4 Steps to Simplifying Data Governance and Management

The difference between two organizations is not in the amount of data they have. It’s in whether or not an organization has found the keys to unlock insights from that data. And with lots of data to manage, that’s an increasing challenge for more and more organizations. A recent HPE Greenlake study found that 74% of IT professionals said their data management capabilities aren’t keeping pace with the more advanced business requirements of our modern world.

The keys to unlocking your data? Better data management and improving data accessibility. But not every organization understands how to take complex data systems and lasso them into data management that can yield the insights you need. And if the process seems too complicated, it can seem simpler to avoid it entirely. So let’s break it down with the basic steps to simplify your data management and make your data accessible:

Step #1: Understand the Value of Data as the Fuel for Your Business

Businesses often allow data complexity because it is easier to use ad hoc solutions as short-term fixes to data problems. However, AI advancements and data insights are reminding organizations the value of having centralized data. Practicing good data management habits is becoming a business must to obtain knowledgeable insights to improve marketability, services and even give you a competitive edge. Data is the fuel of your business’s innovation! 

Step #2: Employ Cloud Operations to Remove Data Complexity

If complexity is the problem, you can transform your data systems faster with a cloud operational experience. By being able to pull your data together into a cloud platform, you can provide agility and processing speed to your data.  With an effective cloud operation experience in place, your data structure should be nearly invisible from day to day and pooling that data becomes infinitely easier. You’re free to shift to the app-centric operations in your business that drive results. 

Step #3: Unify Your Data for Simple Access

Data access sounds like an obvious step, but consider everything it touches. If your business can access your data easily and apply analytics and machine learning (ML), you can turn data into insights. New nuggets of information about how customers behave or how your operation can work more efficiently will start to pop to the forefront. The trouble is when different types of data—often stored in different locations—make access an issue.

“Data fabric technology,” is fast becoming a trend in large enterprises to deal with this data accessibility issue. A data fabric solution can weave through diverse data sources in your enterprise, connecting them and organizing them for seamless integration. From there, you’ll have an easier time of managing your data, which means you’re free to drive insights via analytics, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML. If you can incorporate a data fabric solution into your business, it can unify data from different types, formats, and even platforms so your team can access a single data source.

Step #4: Update Your Data Protection Strategies

Data protection is increasingly becoming a challenge for large companies. The more data they have—and the more siloed that data is—the more difficult it can be to protect. Your data practices can affect everything in your business. DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) combined with an internal protection fabric is allowing companies to modernize their data protection without having to overhaul their systems. DPaaS can work on the cloud, allowing you to easily secure and backup your data. You won’t have to completely change the way your business works—and you can still use data protection strategies that keep your business secure.

Get Started and Simplify Your Data Management

If data is the fuel that drives your business, then you’ll want a clean engine. Creating a better data management strategy will help you find insights to drive performance, or potentially simplify other aspects of how you run your enterprise. With a “data-first” approach that allows you to easily access and employ your data, you can focus on the innovations and processes that drive real business results. Reach out to Comport for help unifying your data across multiple formats and platforms, drastically reducing time to unique insights from AI and ML. Level up your enterprise and drive the sort of creative innovation you’ve been looking for.


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