Buying IT: Stuck in a Time Warp? Try an As A Service Model

Speed and flexibility lie at the heart of today’s business success stories. The enterprises that can adjust their approaches quickly enough to meet rapidly changing markets are less likely to fall behind — and those capable of predicting and responding to consumer demand can thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Bogged down in inefficiencies, however, many otherwise promising organizations are currently failing to live up to their full potential. From security concerns to continually evolving technology, these enterprises face a variety of challenges that prevent them from achieving the agility that is now so critical to success. Their greatest failures often involve outdated IT models, in which considerable resources are lost to slow deployment and overprovisioning. Thankfully, a viable solution is within easy reach: as a service models.

Today’s Enterprises Demand As a Service Models

The cloud may deliver impressive flexibility, but exclusive reliance on this approach is rare in today’s hybrid-oriented IT environment. Increasingly, business leaders prefer comprehensive approaches that provide the security of on-premises solutions alongside the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

The Role of the Financial Accounting Standards Board

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) plays considerably into modern IT decision-making, especially now that the FASB has finalized its lease accounting regulations. The IDC anticipates that the latest FASB developments will influence IT procurement decisions and preferred payment models. New accounting regulations call for flexible bundled solutions in which a range of IT assets and services can be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Detailed metrics regarding usage and costs will also be expected, especially as IT expenses evolve over time. Already, an IDC survey has indicated that 94 percent of enterprises intend to shift buying behaviors at least somewhat in accordance to new FASB rules. Likewise, over 91 percent of IDC respondents are likely to seek bundled options that include hardware, software, maintenance, and support.

Shifting Cautiously From CAPEX to OPEX

There is currently a continued shift towards a reliance on OPEX (operating expenditures) over CAPEX (capital expenses). This shift reflects the modern emphasis on solutions or services over products. Enterprises prefer the flexibility of as-a-service models, which minimize upfront costs and can be scaled almost instantly to fit evolving IT needs. But while some organizations have moved forward with primarily OPEX-based solutions, others exhibit far greater caution. Some retain select infrastructure in the interest of preserving traditional models while also exploring flexible options.

A successful shift to an as a service model relies on a significant evolution of both business and operating models. A strategic approach is needed to ensure that the migration process promotes effective risk management, compliance across global markets, and ultimately, maximum return on investment.

HPE GreenLake’s and ComportSecure provide an As a Service Revolution

HPE GreenLake is an excellent option for integrating an as a service model into your overarching IT approach. This tailored system combines the inherent agility of cloud services with the security of traditional on-premise solutions. Solutions offered through HPE GreenLake include pay-as-you-go data backup, intelligent storage, and high-performance computing (HPC) technologies. These flexible options pave the path towards digital transformation.

Comport also has a dedicated as a service brand, ComportSecure, that provides a flexible, secure approach to IT, complete with Iaas, DRaaS, BaaS, and Managed IT Service solutions. We tailor our approach to take your enterprise’s unique concerns into account often deciding to group HPE GreenLake offerings with our services. The result? Exceptional agility, efficiency, and convenience — you’ll never regret having a trusted IT solutions company in your corner.

There’s no need to stress about the shift to an As A Service Model. As you make this challenging, but essential, transition, look to Comport for support. Our team can help you determine which solutions best meet your enterprise’s unique needs. We can also assist your organization in implementing flexible solutions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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