The Top Reasons to Choose the HPE Alletra 5000

Speed. Automation. Performance. These might not be the words that first come to mind when considering an effective storage system for the technical side of your business. Yet with the HPE Alletra 5000, it’s what modern storage looks like. And given that your data management will function like the life force of your business, it’s worth investing in.

Today’s business storage requirements are evolving, and your storage system needs to keep up with a myriad of needs. Options like the HPE Alletra 5000 provide an “always-on” and “always-fast” experience that makes accessing your data easy and straightforward. This in turn creates a business that feels more nimble, allowing you to respond to new challenges by relying on effective, organized, and secure data storage.

But let’s get specific about the HPE Alletra 5000 and what it has to offer. These are the top reasons to choose this cloud system for your business:

Why HPE Alletra 5000?

1. Improving Your Ability to Scale

If your data and cloud solutions can’t scale with your business, then they’re hardly an investment. With HPE Alletra 5000 scale-to-fit, you can use four arrays. And since it’s easy to monitor mobility between these arrays, you’ll have a better sense of how your data capacity can scale as your business grows.

That predictability can be essential. Even when scaling your data systems is possible, it can be difficult or complicated to scale systems up to meet your evolving business needs. The HPE Alletra 5000 scale-to-fit model creates a less disruptive way to scale. The performance is more predictable, which not only helps your tech team but helps you from a budget and planning point of view.

2. More Resilience Against Downtime

These days, downtime can set you back much further than many people even anticipate. While some think downtime can be like hitting “pause,” it can be much more disruptive. It can interfere with communications, interrupt project workflows, and make it difficult to retrieve data even when you’re back up and running.

The HPE Alletra 5000 uses an AI-driven platform to offer more resilience against downtime and create 6x9s (99.9999%) data availability. By keeping the data at the fingertips of both customers and every data array, you’ll have much more flexibility and predictability in managing your data. HPE uses InfoSight to both predict and avoid problems that arise over time, which means that your data arrays will become more reliable over time.

3. Maximizing Price Performance

HPE Alletra 5000 provides Industry-leading data efficiency combined with fast, consistent performance via flash performance and modern architecture. Two factors we think are worth discussing. The first is their always-on data reduction, this provides up to 5x more space savings…with today’s explosive data sets, this feature is becoming more and more imperative in storage architecture. Second, the Alletra is fast…with Alletra you can accelerate your applications with speeds up to 25% faster than the HPE Nimble Storage Arrays. 

Both the speed and data-dedup will set your team up for success in the future. 

4. Handing Off to AI

AI is one of the big topics these days, and for good reason: the smarter your data storage is, the more you can leverage that intelligence into smooth operations for your business.

With the HPE Alletra 5000, HPE InfoSight offers nearly autonomous operation. With Infosight correcting common issues as it sees them, your apps will remain on—delivering high performance and handling the speeds you need to get business done. 

That’s one of the major keys here: avoiding disruptions, diagnosing issues between the VMs and your data storage, and potentially even identifying the virtual resources you haven’t quite used yet. HPE InfoSight can make AI recommendations that highlight your blind spots and help you improve the quality of your data storage over time.

AI also helps you save time. Since there’s no added diagnostic work that comes when you manage your data infrastructure, you’ll be free to focus your IT resources elsewhere. And when you don’t have to escalate technical issues to new teams, you can focus your efforts on innovating for your business. This reduces the opportunity cost of traditional data platforms, freeing you up to worry less about your data storage and more about other aspects of your business.

6. Leveraging the HCI, or Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Utilizing dHCI within your data center can simplify. With HCI built into the HPE Alletra 5000, you can expand this simplicity, speed and resilience into your applications. HPE Alletra uses a dHCI, which enhances speed without reducing any of the usability when it comes to accessing your data storage. 

7. Unleashing a Variety of Cloud Services

Maybe you need to modernize your backend solutions in a hurry. HPE Alletra uses HPE GreenLake, which itself provides access to 70 or so cloud services you can immediately put to use. You can consider your upgrade to the HPE Alletra 5000 as an “everything upgrade.” It’s a shortcut for getting your team up to speed on the latest in cloud technology, which will only enhance the way you manage your data. 

But what are those cloud services, exactly? With GreenLake, you have “edge-to-cloud” capabilities, like incorporating real-time inventory data into the cloud so you can make snap decisions. Bottom line: Investing in the HPE Alletra 5000 is more than just an investment in data storage. It’s a full-service system for upgrading the way your business handles data.

Summary: HPE Alletra 5000?

The ability to run apps on an edge-to-cloud experience that experiences almost no interruptions might have once sounded like a superpower. But these days, the HPE Alletra 5000 offers a high degree of reliability, function, and speed—and packages it so it’s more accessible to businesses who want to achieve data storage at scale.

Because it harnesses AI-driven innovations with HPE InfoSight, the HPE Alletra 5000 can eliminate much of the backend complexity and manual maintenance you may be used to. It can make recommendations that transform how you manage your data storage resources. And because it offers a more user-friendly support interface, you’ll do much less guesswork when managing your systems. 

Ultimately, the “cloud ownership” you can achieve with the HPE Alletra 5000 system provides a high degree of flexibility for your business. It’s a way to experience the benefits of storage-as-a-service, giving you the operational experience possible with the cloud and modern AI-driven computing. There is also a 6000 series and 9000 series, highlighting just what an affordable and simple option this can be—which may sound surprising, given all of the benefits we just explained. That’s what the future looks like: the HPE Alletra 5000. Unlock the power of your data with a Comport and HPE Solution. Contact us Today

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