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Today’s data is housed in public, private, and hybrid clouds, posing new challenges for backup and recovery. In addition, many data backup, restore and replication processes were implemented without a true plan in place. Comport’s Veeam Assessment will review your environment mapping your processes to best practices while looking for flaws to ensure optimal performance. Our team has extensive experience in backup, replication and disaster recovery in various environments. With our engineers holding the highest level certifications possible, including VMCE and VMCA, you can be sure you are in good hands. We will take the time to test your system and train you on best practices for data storage and recovery.

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Veeam Assessment Information


  • Mitigate risk and improve the overall health of your Veeam environment
  • Identify performance and data availability issues
  • Test up to 5 Veeam backup and replication jobs to ensure proper data restoration
  • Gain hours of knowledge transfer from our Veeam experts
  • Evaluate current design for improved performance opportunities
  • Deliver optimization suggestions keeping within specified cost considerations


When looking at data protection, companies have traditionally focused on security however today’s frequent cyber-attacks are forcing organizations to examine their backup and recovery processes as well. Organizations must ensure that they have a comprehensive data protection plan that is well thought out and takes into account backup, restore and replication. Comport’s Veeam assessment will provide a look into your current infrastructure and recommend optimization areas. Our assessment will examine the following:

  • System Health Check: Comport will review your current virtualization, storage and networking infrastructure to verify compatibility with your VEEAM environment. We will also verify that your VEEAM database components have been installed and configured according to best practices.
  • Testing: To test your data availability, Comport will create five basic tests for VEEAM backup and replication jobs to ensure proper backup operation. We will also look perform restore operations on up to five of the test backup jobs.
  • Fine Tuning: Comport will provide up to 4 hours of support for any help or training with items we discover during the initial phases that should be addressed immediately.


At the conclusion of the assessment, we will provide the following:

  • System Documentation – Comport will create “As Built” documentation for your specific VEEAM configuration.
  • System Recommendations – Comport will provide recommendations for immediate and future optimization based on what we have seen within your environment. Comport will help with smaller immediate optimization as part of the assessment and create a plan for any future needs.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Comport will review the logs and performance findings for your configured backup and replication jobs. We will work with you to help you understand any changes we make and train your staff for the Veeam environment. Training will be to a max of 4 hours.

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