Before Breaking Ground: How Wireless Assessments Enhance Networks in Healthcare

Wireless networks have cemented themselves in the healthcare landscape as indispensable components of medical infrastructure akin to any other piece of technology. With an array of devices, bandwidth consuming technology, and electronic health records (EHRs) involved, dependable wireless connectivity and unfettered access is a must. Proper wireless connectivity can mean the difference between positive or negative organizational and patient outcomes.

By conducting a wireless assessment, IT professionals can ensure their networks are optimized and resilient, improving patient care and business processes alike.

Improving Networks One Step at a Time with a Wireless Assessment

Before embarking on a network project, it’s essential to comprehend your current network. What do you like? What are you lacking? What do you need for the future? Once you have an understanding of what you are looking for, a wireless assessment can help show what updates in technology can do for you.

An Aruba wireless assessment conducted by Comport can help:

  • Evaluate your wireless network’s readiness to support mobility
  • Identify gaps in access point coverage and recommend new placement locations
  • Detect areas of physical and RF interference
  • Inspect the current design for improved performance opportunities
  • Develop suggestions for modern network security options
  • Assess your network’s capacity and scalability for future growth

The Impact of Wireless Assessments on Healthcare

Wireless assessments in healthcare settings yield several benefits, ultimately contributing to the most important markers: enhanced patient care and increased operational efficiency.

Healthcare Professionals Can Access Mission-Critical Data

Expanded coverage areas enable healthcare professionals to access the network from anywhere, including outdoor areas during breaks and in traditional dead zones like stairwells. Device prioritization guarantees the availability of information at critical moments, such as in the ICU or OR, and enhanced access accelerates decision-making for improved outcomes while preventing network overloads and crashes.

Cybersecurity Is At The Forefront

In an era of evolving cybersecurity threats, many healthcare organizations still operate with wireless network designs established before ransomware, hacking, and phishing became major concerns. An Aruba wireless assessment helps identify vulnerabilities and offers solutions to reduce risks. Likewise, it assists in understanding how advanced technologies, such as Aruba Device Insight and Aruba ClearPass, can provide real-time insights into your network.

By understanding weak points and taking proactive measures, healthcare organizations can better safeguard sensitive patient data and ensure smooth operations, yielding improved patient care and outcomes. In a time when cybersecurity is a top priority, a wireless assessment serves as an essential tool to protect and optimize hospital wireless networks against emerging threats.

Organizational Outcomes Improve Over Time

Enhanced patient care and healthcare professional satisfaction are key to long-term success and are critical to the bottom line for healthcare organizations. Most importantly, improved patient outcomes and satisfaction lead to an elevated reputation, increased funding opportunities, better satisfaction scores, and a growing patient base over time. Simply put, better wireless networks help your organization save more lives and improve the lives of your providers.

Partner with Comport’s Experts for a Wireless Assessment

Healthcare facilities must remain vigilant about their network performance and security, consistently reviewing and updating their networks to meet the growing demands of healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

Our expert technologists understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by wireless networks in healthcare settings today. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure your healthcare facility’s wireless network is primed to support modern-day technology needs, including IoMT, outside personal devices, and access levels and security.

Partner with Comport’s experts for a wireless assessment and ensure your healthcare facility’s wireless network is primed for success. Learn more and get started with your Aruba Wireless Assessment today.


Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare
Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business. He resides in Minneapolis and is available to advise any Comport healthcare client, regardless of location.

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