Why HPE InfoSight and HPE SimpliVity is a Good Thing For Your Data Center

When implementing IT solutions, businesses often fail to consider how exactly these systems will work with one another. Seamless integration is essential, but not all solutions are well-equipped to work alongside each other. The data center landscape is constantly changing, as are the number of solutions available from virtualization to cloud to software-defined data center.

Several of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s solutions offer effective integrations that promote efficiency, reliability, and scalability — all while dramatically reducing costs and time spent on upkeep and management. HPE InfoSight and SimpliVity, in particular, are NOW well-suited to use alongside one another — as we explain below:

What Is HPE InfoSight?

As HPE’s solution for managing infrastructure, InfoSight consists of a platform driven by artificial intelligence and capable of predicting potential problems long before they strike. The solution’s predictive analytics approach processes millions of data points constantly and from across information being fed into the system by companies worldwide. In fact, HPE Infosight eliminates most of the pain of managing your infrastructure alone by automatically predicting and resolving 86% of issues automatically. This allows for increased application availability and reduced costs, all while avoiding the typical headaches of manual log files and vendor issues.

Key steps involved in HPE InfoSight predictive analytics and machine learning process include:

  • Observation involving a myriad of data points and sensors.
  • Applying pattern recognition to data that has been collected from sensors on a variety of devices.
  • Predicting future problems based on already observed patterns and early observation of emerging issues.
  • Using artificial intelligence to recommend solutions capable of improving performance and preventing future issues.
  • Driving greater efficiency via automated solutions.

President of Hybrid IT and Chief Sales Officer Phil Davis explains, “To scale and grow without bounds, HPE provides the hybrid cloud path for customers with advanced analytics and machine learning that removes the burden of managing infrastructure, enables digital transformation, and accelerates growth.” This transformation forms the cornerstone of HPE InfoSight.

What Is HPE SimpliVity?

Recently highlighted as the March 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for hyperconverged infrastructure, HPE SimpliVity holds great promise. This hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution allows for streamlined deployment and management, while also ensuring the ultimate in scalability.

As its name implies, HPE SimpliVity seeks to simplify IT operations by promoting greater efficiency in the data center. With this solution, the entire IT stack is converged within each node, including storage, network and compute resources into a single platform.

What exactly are the Benefits of HPE SimpliVity? The following are a few of the most notable advantages of this hyperconverged infrastructure solution:

  • Fully Integrated System – Combining resources into a single software-defined data center platform allows for simplicity.
  • Rapid Deployment – With HPE SimpliVity, you can rapidly deploy and expand your environment with minimal effort.
  • Data Protection – HPE SimpliVity RapidDR offers accelerated disaster recovery.
  • Hardware Consolidation – With SimpliVity’s design, your data center requires less storage and physical space leading to lower operating costs.
  • Security – Built in encryption is provided to ensure that sensitive data remains safe at all times.
  • Cloud Ready – Flexible options for organizations looking to take further steps into a cloud environment.

Why HPE InfoSight And HPE SimpliVity Are a Powerful Combination

HPE recently made waves by announcing that powerful HPE Infosight would be combined with HPE SimpliVity to create a powerhouse offering in the data center. This is exciting news for business leaders and administrators, who can now harness the power of both solutions to significantly improve data center outcomes.

HPE InfoSight and HPE SimpliVity can prove formidable on their own, but these solutions are that much more powerful when combined. A multifaceted solution is always key when it comes to simplifying and automating your data center, and HPE has developed an ideal combination. While InfoSight was initially designed to accommodate Nimble Storage environments, then expanded to 3Par, its problem-detection capabilities can now be integrated into servers to promote greater visibility and problem-solving functionality. InfoSight’s strengths in predictive analytics can be applied to server environments to minimize maintenance issues or even increase security by monitoring problematic login attempts.

HPE Senior Vice President Bill Philbin believes that servers are a natural extension for HPE InfoSight’s capabilities. “Servers are the basic building block for all of the other solutions we are providing…solutions [such as SimpliVity] build upon the basic server building blocks.”

How This Partnership Will Create a Better Data Center

HPE InfoSight is a natural fit for the data center environment. Predictive analytics can be called on to solve a myriad of problems that plague modern data centers and prompt both reduced efficiency and security concerns. Top applications offered through the genius integration of InfoSight and SimpliVity include:

  • Forecasting an accurate timeline that can indicate when the physical capacity will be full.
  • Determining which virtual machines consume the most resources.
  • Identifying which virtual machines boast exceptional performance — and why.
  • Observing and analyzing data centers and clusters via an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Receiving automated wellness alerts.

Ultimately, HPE InfoSight improves the streamlining and simplicity that HPE SimpliVity already promotes. VM administration, in particular, is easier to handle under this integrated approach. Administrators no longer need to waste precious time searching for necessary information or wondering when capacity will run out. InfoSight’s proactive approach is ideal in a data server environment in which reactivity is best avoided.

If you’re ready to make the most of a simplified data center made smarter with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, HPE InfoSight and HPE SimpliVity may be just the ticket! Reach out to Comport to find out how you can leverage this new solution to reduce administration hassles, improve efficiency, and strengthen security.

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