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Qumulo vs EMC Isilon Storage Whitepaper

Your data is expanding every day, in fact, by 2025, IDC has predicted that worldwide data will grow to 175 zettabytes, a 61% increase! They have also predicted that the data will be split between the cloud and on-premise data centers. Trends in cloud storage show that there are a few top players including Isilon, Qumulo and HPE to name a few. This whitepaper showcases two of the marketplace leaders back to back to help you compare Qumulo vs EMC Isilon Storage.

Qumulo vs Isilon Whitepaper

Helpful information contained within includes:

  • In-depth information on how these enterprise storage solutions have created their architecture and what that will mean for the future.
  • Comparison of how data will scale within both Qumulo and Isilon Storage Infrastructures.
  • A technical side-by-side comparison of both storage solutions including architecture, data visibility, storage efficiency, predictability and more.

Download this whitepaper today to get an in-depth view of Qumulo vs Isilon.

Download The Whitepaper

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