Why Managed Private Clouds are More Tempting than a Cinnabon!

As you walk through an airport or mall there is a scent that wafts toward you, one that is very hard to resist…the Cinnabon strikes. The problem with a Cinnabon is that often you indulge – only to wish you hadn’t. The cloud provides the same temptation. Many dive in, only to pull back later due to lack of resources, cost, security or unrealized benefits the company was hoping to reap. The problem often lies not in the cloud, but in choosing the right cloud and managing it efficiently. So how can you implement the benefits you are looking for without the drawbacks? Managed Private Clouds create a solution that doesn’t leave you regretting your choice down the line. They provide a step into the cloud realm, with limited risk.

Today’s organizations are less and less interested in the “how” of IT infrastructure building. Building and managing IT environments are causing IT teams to become less efficient, at just the time when innovation is highly important to business competitiveness. There are new ways to get the job done better- efficient, cost-effective, and secure – to deliver on mission critical work and satisfy customer expectations. So, stop trying to figure it out on your own!

For healthcare or finance organizations, governance, compliance, and security concerns are key factors. These provide great examples of a perfect fit for Managed Private Clouds or Private Cloud as a Service.  Managed Private Cloud is a force multiplier – providing another set of hands to give advice and expertise for these environments are ideal for businesses that need to keep data and apps in-house, but don’t have extensive IT resources or data management experts.

How much time does your IT team spend maintaining your systems?  Are stretched resources or lack of specialized expertise holding your organization back from taking complete advantage of the cloud services you currently deploy? If you feel like cloud management has overtaken your IT team’s workload—then managed cloud may be a solid choice.

Here are some of the key advantages of Managed Private cloud:

  • Customization As a one-size-fits-all solution, public cloud has its limitations. Predetermined plans may or may not fit. Add-ons mean extra costs. With private cloud, you get a custom-tailored solution matched to your organization’s needs. Managed Private Cloud goes one step further.  Your partner manages updates, maintenance and aspects of compliance requirements (if needed) as well as providing IT expertise on-demand.
  • Flexibility You’ll get a team of engineers—cloud service experts—that manage your workloads and implement multiple deployment models to your specifications. Apps and data can be moved from private clouds to public clouds as needed.
  • Faster App Deployment With your own personal cloud team, who understand the ins and outs of your cloud environment, your data center and your workloads, you can sidestep the time it would take your team and the possible steep learning curve required to DIY. That means faster roll-outs for applications and updates.
  • Improve Up-times Colleagues, clients, customers—they all want 24/7 access to your IT infrastructure.  Private Cloud as a Service vendors (ComportSecure, for example) often have up-time guarantees you cannot match in-house, as well as faster turnaround times on emergency tickets.
  • Advanced Analytical Tools Managed Private Cloud providers offer analytical tools to monitor usage, consumption, efficiency, and workloads. Close monitoring and analysis allows you to maximize your cloud services and minimize costs.
  • 24/7 Expertise Your Managed Private Cloud team doesn’t just come in, set up the environment, then leave. They provide continuous support beyond implementation and set-up so you always have experts on call.

Today’s technology is moving at a lightning fast pace. This technology has enabled new ways to extend your IT team and maximize outcomes. Going it alone is yesterday’s model. With Managed Private Cloud Solutions, the service provider does some of the heavy lifting—keeping up with latest maintenance and tech. You’ll get the benefits of an expert cloud team combined with an uplift in your team’s ability to execute on business initiatives.  Take advantage of ComportSecure’s offer to learn more and to discuss your private cloud strategy today.  It is always good to understand your options!

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