Why Data Explosion is Creating Demand for New Intelligent Storage Solutions.

Today’s business success depends on both your ability to deliver product and/or services as well as the ability to create the digital infrastructure to support the business. Think about it. Failures in your digital infrastructure result in disruptions to your business and can have an immediate effect on your bottom line. At the same time, businesses continue to generate more data than ever before and must be able to evolve their data management to get the information they need for a competitive advantage in the modern technology-savvy world. Intelligent Storage with Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform data management and boost productivity when leveraged correctly.

Why Is Data Growing?

Why is data growing so quickly? There are many modern technologies that are causing data to grow at an exponential pace, in fact, there are now more consumer digital devices than there are humans. These devices are continually creating, accessing and sharing data; International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in 2025.

Moving to the future, embedded devices will continue to produce a plethora of data

Embedded devices such as RFID Readers, chip cards, smart cars, medical implants, security cameras and more create data and then in turn add data to systems they interact with like grocery stores, highway tolls, cellular networks and even corporate data usage information. As more smart devices and embedded devices are moved from a consumer world to business analytics, data growth will need to equal data storage and processing.

How Are Traditional Data Center Storage Solutions Failing?

Traditional storage methods rely on a pre-defined data volume. Storage is purchased and retained, then expanded when needed. Though cloud solutions and software defined solutions have helped extend the life of these storage solutions, traditional solutions aren’t optimal for AI throughput, here’s why:

  • Storage Growth
    IT Teams should be continually monitoring storage consumption to track growth rates and see if they are in like with initial projections. The problem however is that most storage is either over provisioned (leaving too much room) or under-provisioned, leaving you to scramble when you need new storage space.
  • Limited Cyber-security Protection 
    Today’s cyber-security threats can infect data and bring companies to a screeching halt in a blink of an eye. While traditional storage can help you identify issues with security, its often after the damage is done, causing you to lose data and possibly clients.
  • UI and Accessibility
    When it comes to storage, its important that you can access the storage you need, when you want to. Traditional storage solutions often have questionable UI and because of this the data accessibility is limited and sometimes very difficult to access. With the growth of data, this issue becomes even more apparent.

How Can HPE’s Nimble Infosight Help with Embedded AI and Predictive Analytics?

HPE’s Nimble data center storage solution is an innovative storage solution that leverages flash storage and AI-guided analytics to eliminate the data gap and guarantee around-the-clock storage accessibility and performance. Combined with the power of HPE Infosight—HPE’s self-managing, self-healing, and self-optimizing AI—Nimble becomes something more, an intelligent storage solution that can be a solid base for your AI environment.

  • Nimble AI Provides Immediate Boost of Capacity Efficiency. Nimble Infosight continuously leverages analytics to assess processes performed and storage needs. If the system recognizes rapidly changing data volume, automatic controls identify available storage space and ready it for use. In other words, the system recognizes the need for added storage capacity and makes it possible.
  • Scalability to Meet Demands Regardless of Day or Time.The surge of data may occur at any time, and Nimble Infosight can rely on historical data to move functions around the clock and meet demands regardless of day or time. Infosight collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems around the globe, and through its advanced AI, it continuously improves storage use and allocation based on trends it identifies.
  • Predictive Architecture Resolves Problems Before They Cause Disruption. Nimble Infosight also leverages a predictive architecture that identifies and resolves 86% of problems before they cause actual disruptions. This is critical to building better customer experiences and allowing your AI to flow with the data it needs. If your storage is more available, your AI won’t have issues processing.

The culmination of these powerful functions working in the background to support your own AI environment is ground-breaking; businesses achieve a future-proof storage and dependable AI-based processing solution.

Don’t ignore the expansion of data, it’s coming!

Businesses continue to rely on their data for information but the sheer mass of data coming in is making it impossible for humans alone to process this data. Relying on traditional storage methods will eventually become too cumbersome and expensive to maintain long term. Take a look at your current infrastructure and understand how you can leverage intelligent data to make your IT team more efficient and add more value to your business. Talk to one of Comport’s technology experts today to accelerate your data road map and ensure your storage is ready for the future.

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