Why Nimble Infosight?

Nimble Infosight uses predictive analytics to identify and mitigate issues before they happen, reducing the chance of downtime.

  • Optimal performance.

    With Infosight, you can reach 99.9999% guaranteed data availability.

  • Utilize data science

    Providing insight on timing for replacements and upgrades.

  • Reduced downtime

    86% of data center problems are auto-solved with Infosight.

  • Predict to avoid

    Transform the model of storage management by predicting pitfalls in order to avoid them.

  • What you didn’t know you need.

    Identify bottlenecks anywhere in your environment and suggest steps outside your storage.

  • Reduce capital cost

    The average cost of a data center outage is up over $740,357. Protect yourself from a cost like that.