How to Navigate EHR Modifications in Today’s Healthcare IT Environment

It is a wild, fast-paced world out there, particularly when it comes to healthcare IT solutions and EHR modifications. If you are a healthcare provider, today’s demands on your IT staff and systems are almost impossibly high. Patients demand privacy and security for their most sensitive data. Your organization’s leaders are demanding more operational efficiency and more revenue, while simultaneously reducing the costs of care delivery.

Are you wringing every last drop of data, reimbursement, and quality care delivery out of your current systems? Is your EHR a fine-tuned machine, cruising effortlessly down the healthcare IT superhighway or is it stalled in the breakdown lane, limping forward? It may be somewhere in between those two extremes, the decade-old SUV chugging along while newer, faster sports cars rush by on all sides.

Bring Along an Expert Guide!

If your organization’s EHR could use a tune-up or some extra hands on, expert attention, a roadmap sure would be nice! Even better, your own personal guide?! A guided travel experience is much richer, more informative, and customized to achieve your long-term IT development goals.

Where to Start

How do you find the right guide for your company? Important qualifications include certification and experience in a wide variety of platforms and EHR applications, including Epic and MEDITECH, along with a demonstrated history of success.

Here is a rundown on skill sets and capabilities for cost-effective, knowledgeable Epic help, infrastructure design to support your applications (yes – infrastructure matters!), and the timeless topics of backup and DR.

Epic Staffing

  • Optimize payor contracts within Epic, even for those with third party RCM tools.
  • Healthcare organizations throughout the country are joining forces, and that means managing integrations of existing Epic systems. Whether you are trying to integrate two Epic systems, a call center application with Epic, or modifying your existing EHRs to provide a cohesive patient experience, a knowledgeable partner can help you get the job done. With at-home patients, it’s imperative that your Epic environment works! You need a team DEDICATED to the unique system and clinical challenges of Home Health and Hospice.

Data Architecture Solutions: Top architects will be able to design supported solutions that address clinical, business and technology. They will optimize for high reliability, consolidation improvements, storage tiering, scaling, and lowest cost. Are you looking for High Performance Computing for deep learning environments? An experienced solutions architect can help with this. What about designing integrations with MyChart to improve HCAHPS scores and finding new ways to stretch the IT budget? These solutions are readily available from a qualified partner.

Backup & DR:  Reliable backup and disaster recovery are always in style, but more important (and excruciating) than ever. You need the right systems in place to back up your important EHR and business data while simultaneously keeping your data running like a fine-tuned machine. Look for a partner that has consistently achieved streamlined performance, higher efficiency, cost reductions and optimization in both EPIC and MEDITECH environments.

There’s no need to travel down that Healthcare IT superhighway all alone. There are resources and skilled experts that can assist and guide you, ensuring you reach your destination: bringing your IT goals to fruition.

Learn about Comport’s consultative approach to EHR solutions.

Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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