Need an Infrastructure Upgrade for Epic? Think HPE Superdome Flex Servers

It’s hard to keep up! For so many organizations and businesses, the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown put the brakes on any and all strategic plans. No expansions. We were all in survival mode. Now that the world has begun to emerge, the reality has also set in that those plans we put on hold are long overdue.

When it comes to Electronic Health Records (EHR), many hospitals and healthcare organizations find themselves scrambling to keep up with relentless data growth, mergers, acquisitions, and the ever increasing performance demands from their EHR vendor. While the state of Healthcare IT is constantly changing, most recent shifts like increases in telehealth, high-res imaging and video needs (and hence, larger file sizes), the expansion of services such as Community Connect and just the sheer volume of Big Data from more and more EHRs have stretched current server capabilities as far as they can go. We need more computing power. Now. That’s where HPE Superdome Flex Servers come in.

The bottom line never changes–organizations will always need lightning-fast, highly reliable, secure IT infrastructure to handle massive amounts of data. What keeps changing is the definition of ‘massive amounts.’ 2023’s idea of ‘massive’ is exponentially more than 2019’s. And you know that 2025’s definition will be even higher. Flexibility and scalability are not optional–they are foundational concepts of any significant upgrade.

Why HPE Superdome Flex Servers Outperform x86 Standard Servers for Epic

If your challenge is how best to handle the ongoing, up-trending surges and growth in your Epic database, HPE Superdome Flex Servers are a great choice. Why? Because they were specifically built to provide that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. These solutions can elevate your data center operating power to perform like a supercomputer and run like a cloud. Here are four key reasons why these servers dominate when it comes to managing healthcare infrastructure: performance, scalability, RAS & security, and validity. Let’s dig a little deeper into each one:

Performance with Superdome Flex Servers

When your data center is facing increased traffic, more storage needs, and more complicated demands on data analytics, you can rely on HPE’s Superdome Flex, the highest performing SDx server on the market today. It can scale up from 4 to 32 sockets and start at 1TB of data to expand to 48TB of shared memory. Powered by the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, these servers offer top-of-the-line compute to handle everything from complex analytics, mission-critical applications and massive IoT datasets. When it comes to AI processing, this platform can solve key data challenges (and reduce bottlenecking). One way the SDFlex speeds everything up is by eliminating the need to separate and then re-assemble datasets.

Scalability for EHR Database Growth

Like a set of building blocks, HPE Superdome Flex is a modular system that can grow or shrink as your organization does. No matter where you start, you can scale up your environment in 4-socket increments up to 32 in a single system. With memory capacity that starts at 768 GB and goes up to 48 TB, there is plenty of capacity for data growth. Options like superdome flex servers can even incorporate expansions as needed without disruptive upgrades – making it ideal for EHR database growth.

Advanced Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS)

In healthcare organizations, security is always a primary concern–as is the fact that constant uptime is a basic necessity. Superdome Flex offers a number of built-in fault management tools not found in standard x86 servers. They set a higher bar for reliability and eliminate downtime. These features are designed to reduce or eradicate the most common vulnerabilities–especially for your most demanding applications. Key features are able to detect, log, analyze, and repair faults and errors–all of which allows for continued operations even if a fault is detected or repairs are made.

Epic Validated Infrastructure

With Superdome Flex Servers, you’ve got options that have been time-tested and validated with Epic. Both operational database architectures–symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP) are validated.

Ultimately, an upgrade means better performance, rock-solid security, and efficiency in both cost and speeds. Offering flexibility and adaptability, you can grow with minimal disruptions (and perhaps fewer headaches). What’s not to love?

For more information read our Ebook: HPE Superdome Flex vs. Traditional x86 Servers for Epic  or contact us for more information.

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