3 ways HPE Synergy composable infrastructure simplifies your hybrid cloud

Organizations can no longer afford to maintain separate traditional infrastructure and cloud strategy. The hybrid cloud offers a way to bridge the gap while offering a versatile and practical solution to the myriad of data simplicity and efficiency concerns faced by today’s businesses. This approach bridges the gap between modern IT demands and traditional applications, both of which remain critical to success in an increasingly demanding digital environment. But while the hybrid approach solves numerous challenges, it creates a few as well. Chief among these: a rapidly expanding environment that can go beyond what you can efficiently manage.

What Is Composable Infrastructure?

An efficient application-centered approach, composable infrastructure allows you to address concerns related to both real and digital infrastructure assets. Composable infrastructure utilizes compute, storage and networking as services so you can logically pool resources without having to configure hardware. This infrastructure operates much like the public cloud but remains on-premises where your data is easily accessible.

Because it provides such a practical and cost-effective approach, composable infrastructure is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for organizations looking to make the most of the hybrid cloud. Its influence cannot be denied: Experts at the digital research firm IDC expect the market for composable and disaggregated infrastructure to reach $3.4 billion in 2022.

How Can Composable Infrastructure Simplify the Hybrid Cloud?

The chief advantage of composable infrastructure? It offers a streamlined, simplified approach to on-premise infrastructure, thereby bypassing many of the inefficiencies that can otherwise bog down hybrid cloud systems. The benefits don’t stop there, however. The following are among the top ways HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure can optimize your organization’s hybrid cloud environment:

Creating Fluid Resource Pools

The HPE Synergy Platform transforms virtual assets into fluid pools for compute, storage and fabric resources. Composed automatically and nearly in real time, these fluid pools enable a more flexible approach in which your team enjoys immediate access to critical resources when they’re needed — and in which these resources can easily revert to the company pool when no longer required.

Fluid resources can be combined and integrated in a dynamic manner to meet the unique needs of various applications. Despite these many available uses, fluid pools ultimately reduce operational complexity, making it easier to maintain an optimized cloud presence.

Optimizing Applications, Costs and Service Levels

With traditional architecture, you consistently run the risk of stranded resources, which can lead to both underutilization and over-provisioning. Composable architecture solves both problems by providing immediate access to necessary resources. Furthermore, the unified API from HPE Synergy amps up productivity by ensuring that your team needs to only write code once. Typically, separate code creation would be required for compute, storage and fabric. Freed up from writing excessive code, your team can focus in on other, more important business initiatives, showcasing the true value of your technical team. Ultimately, cloud optimization via composable infrastructure leads to reduced costs while improving agility and service quality.

Increasing Productivity and Control

Incessant searches for resources within your environment can eat up valuable time. HPE Synergy’s Composable infrastructure streamlines this process via intelligent searches, which allow for automatic detection of underutilized resources. Furthermore, HPE Synergy’s software-defined templates enable the instantaneous setup, provision and updating of critical infrastructure. Having the ability to easily expand and retract resources without the manual labor is key to survival in the new fast-paced hybrid cloud world.

Composable infrastructure lays the foundation for the hybrid cloud while allowing you to make the most of both traditional and cloud-based resources. Under this approach, you can streamline your efforts to sidestep manual entry and other time-consuming tasks so your team can focus in on innovation.

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