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VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment

Few things have revolutionized the IT industry like virtualization. In fact, virtual environments are quickly becoming the cornerstone of corporate technology infrastructures. According to Gartner, many organizations have server virtualization rates that exceed 75 percent, illustrating the high level of penetration. Comport’s VMware assessment will review your current VMware environment to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency and performance. Our team will take the time to work with you and create a comprehensive analysis of the optimization opportunities in your virtualized environment.

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VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment Information


  • Receive a comprehensive analysis of your current virtual environment
  • Complete scans of your physical and virtual hosts
  • Define your current capacities and utilization rate
  • Evaluate current design for improved performance opportunities
  • Supply optimization suggestions keeping within specified cost considerations
  • Provide recommendations for optimal virtual environment


Virtualizing your servers most likely helped your company dramatically reduce IT costs and increase business agility. However, as your virtual environment expands, sustaining complete visibility of your infrastructure can be a challenge. Comport’s virtual assessment will help you gain back the visibility you once had with a comprehensive view of your virtual environment. Our assessment will examine the following:

  • Configuration: Comport will review your current VMware configuration settings and identify cluster, host and virtual machine topology. We will also look for any out of date software versions or patches that have not been updated.
  • Performance: We will complete an analysis of your virtual environment to help identify top resource consumers, as well as locate any latencies or conflicts. Comport will also look for ways to accelerate VM performance within your environment.
  • Capacity: We will look to understand what the capacity is for your current environment as well as identify possible underutilized resources that will allow you to grow.


During the assessment, we will provide virtualization experts as well as industry leading tools to analyze your virtual environment. At the conclusion of the assessment, we will create the following:

  • vSphere Health Report – This report will identify any immediate issues that need priority attention. These issues could include how hard the  environment is working, any abnormalities and any availability or configuration issues.
  • vSphere Risk Report – This report will look to the future to hone in on any issues that will arise should they not be addressed soon. These problems could include any areas of continual stress on the system as well as identification of when capacity will be reached.
  • vSphere Efficiency Report – This report will identify any resources that can be reclaimed from over-sized or powered down VMs. It will also include a density comparison of utilization rate to recommended best practice utilization.

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