Make the right Healthcare IT headlines with Aruba IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Have you heard the news? Recently, hospitals and healthcare IT enterprises have been making national and international headlines. What about? Ground-breaking research and treatments? Heartwarming patient success stories? No. None of the above. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations have been making headlines due to cybersecurity breaches with alarming frequency:

  • January 2018: a cyber-attack on Hancock Regional Hospital (Greenfield, Indiana) caused the hospital’s entire network to go offline for several days.
  • December 2017: a cyber-attack forced New York-based University of Rochester’s Jones Memorial Hospital offline for approximately a week.
  • June 2017: Heritage Valley Health (which runs two hospitals) was hit by WannaCry, part of a global ransomware attack. In the time it took to recover (about a week), surgeries were postponed, appointments were canceled, lab and diagnostic services were suspended.

Need more proof, he’s a list of the latest 2018 cyber-security breaches.

Fines. Shutdowns. Canceled treatments. Compromised patient records. The healthcare sector is a prime target for cyber-criminals. As the biggest criminal activity in the world, cyber-crime caused $4 trillion in damage worldwide in 2017, with the total cost rising by $1 trillion a year.

With this rising trend, healthcare IT professionals are searching for a solution that can handle their unique set of cybersecurity challenges. Whether they are local doctor’s office, hospital or a multistate, multihospital operation, today’s healthcare IT environments must be nimble, flexible, and most importantly, secure. Any healthcare cybersecurity solution must handle an unruly stream of BYOD devices from employees, contractors, and patients. Devices—all kinds, at all times, from anywhere (within the corporate network or without)—must be able to access extremely sensitive data. It is a formidable order, to say the least.

Aruba’s IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is one answer—a solution that can stop cyber-attacks from taking hold by providing greater network visibility and access controls.

“It’s critical that healthcare not only know and control what is no their network with Network Access Control (NAC), but have the capability to learn behavior about all endpoints. By using Aruba ClearPass and Aruba Introspect, we understand what and who is connected to the network and have control over if something looks abnormal. An example would be if an IV pump breach happened, we can detect a possible compromise and take immediate action to secure the network before further damage and potentially save a life.” said Ryan Gursky, Network Security Channel SE

SC Magazine, the leading voice in IT security, recently awarded Aruba’s UEBA the 2018 Trust Award for Best Threat Detection Technology. In the cyber-security world, these awards are the gold standard. To win, a product must be voted in by a panel of leaders from a cross-section of industries and organizations.

The cyber-security world is quite excited about this product. Here’s why:

  • Introspect UEBA features behavioral-based attack detection. Using AI-based machine learning, Introspect first builds baselines of normal behavior for every user or “entity.” That way, it can then detect even the smallest change in a user’s behavior. A change is often an indication that an attack has penetrated perimeter defenses.
  • A Mighty Army of Monitors With 100+ supervised and unsupervised models monitoring your network, it’s possible to detect a wide range of attacks.
  • Machine-learning is key Advanced malicious attacks often use previously unknown tools and techniques. Unlike traditional security solutions that require rules developed ahead of time, Introspect’s AI technology can adapt and respond to identify net threats.
  • Customization Aruba offers Introspect Standard, a fast-start version of the full UEBA platform and Introspect Advanced, which offer additional layers of protection, detection, and investigation. These two products can also be combined with Aruba Clearpass for 360-degree protection. The variety means there’s an option for every size business.
  • Visibility Introspect’s analytics and forensics incorporates all sources of IT-relevant data.

As cyber-security expert Rob May says in his 2017 Tedx Talk, “there are two types of organizations, those that have suffered a cyber-attack and those that don’t know they have.” Don’t make the wrong headlines, Contact Comport today to discuss Aruba’s Introspect UEBA and be proactive in your cyber-security approach.


Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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