How HPE Greenlake Central Can Help You Manage Your Hybrid Infrastructure

To say that orchestrating a complex IT estate can be daunting is an understatement. In the modern era, more and more organizations are attempting to strike a delicate balance. Some applications need to be kept on premise, some in the cloud and determining which goes where is the key.

Hybrid cloud can help organizations by bridging the gap between on premise and cloud however it also adds an additional layer of operational complexity. If certain factors are not properly accounted for, this can slow down your digital transformation and cause significant data security and privacy concerns.

Thankfully, the HPE Greenlake platform can help address these challenges with HPE Greenlake Central. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using HPE Greenlake Central for hybrid environments

What are the Benefits of HPE Greenlake Central?

The HPE Greenlake Central platform was built from the ground up to give your organization the visibility it needs to better manage and optimize your workloads across the board. Finally, all critical tasks that used to require separate solutions and eat up huge amounts of time — from monitoring performance to plan complexity to provisioning new infrastructure, enabling compliance and more — can all be handled from one easy-to-use, centralized dashboard.

With the HPE Greenlake Central platform, you get immediate access to benefits like the following.

  • A unified portal for your entire infrastructure. Your organization can move significantly faster with a self — service cloud experience. Everything that you need to provision, handle, and enhance your cloud services is available all under one roof.
  • View consumption on demand. You can view top costs by service type, location, and other metrics that allow you to better manage departmental resources. A series of interactive charts and graphs will help you track where you’re spending your IT budget, highlighting important trends and patterns that can help you plan your budget
  • Capacity Planning. HPE Greenlake Central allows you to monitor usage against both current and reserved capacity. With a view of your capacity you can plan for the future and eliminate the guesswork in your budgets.
  • Deploy and manage cloud services. HPE Greenlake Central allows you to construct and manage virtual machines, containers, Machine Learning projects — you name it. You can also view statistics for CPU, storage, and memory utilization to make informed decisions of the future of the system.
  • Mitigate risk with Compliance control. Finally, you can enhance governance, control, and visibility thanks to comprehensive compliance capabilities. Easily identify compliance failures and risks, stay current with the latest controls, and streamline the audit process to free up as much of your valuable time as possible.

In the end, HPE Greenlake Central is a solution designed to bring about greater choice and control within your hybrid cloud environment. It gives an unparalleled level of visibility and control for the CIO, for example — putting them in a position to leverage a unified dashboard and operational console for actionable data right at their fingertips.

This also leads to faster deployment of code for developers. The simple point — and — click interface lets them deploy code faster, without needing to spend time worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

The CFO gets more efficient cost control and budget management thanks to a real — time view of technology spend across the entire hybrid estate.

Collectively, you get and idea of your risk assessment as well as help with mitigation for legal issues, security teams and compliance needs. This is all made easier with an integrated view into your data and security status of the entire hybrid cloud estate.

When you also consider that you get a consistent and simplified cloud experience for all users — one that helps optimize workloads and empower both communication and collaboration — you truly are looking at a perfect storm in the best possible way.

If you’d like to find out more information about how HPE Greenlake and HPE Greenlake Central can help you manage your hybrid infrastructure, reach out to Comport or take HPE Greenlake for a test drive.

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