Keeping Employees Safe and Secure with HPE’s High Performance Computing (HPC)

Today’s technology-driven world requires a new level of safety, especially in light of the challenges that a global pandemic has presented. With the dynamics of work changing rapidly, organizations have to work quickly to develop new ways to track and manage large numbers of people coming and going.

Physical and Cyber Security

Making workers comfortable enough to transition back to the office can be a challenge, but the shift is often much easier with the right tools.

  • Physical security is vital for health and safety.
  • Risk management technologies help address things like compliance with mask mandates, contract tracing, and even automated identity management.
  • Cyber safety is equally important, whether workers are at home or in the office in person.

As the corporate world makes rapid changes, so must technology to keep employees safe and secure. High performance computing from Hewlett Packard Enterprise can be an ideal solution for many security issues.

Keeping in-person Employees Safe with HPC

Many industries were hit hard due to COVID-19 (specifically healthcare, services, legal and more). They are struggling to get back on their feet, and part of that struggle deals with making employees and customers comfortable enough to be around each other—sometimes even just in the same building. In the legal sector, for example, ensuring that a client can sit across the table from an attorney and still be safe is vital for continuing many relationships.

HPE Technology can address some key safety and security concerns using cutting-edge technology. Below are a few examples of the HPC environment capabilities that are particularly relevant to these in-office work environments.

Fever Detection

Thermal imaging solutions provide body temperature data to spot anyone who may enter an area with a fever. Workers can be alerted so appropriate action can be taken to increase employee and customer safety.

In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, these individuals can be directed away from other employees to a designated area that includes additional physical safety precautions. In other sectors, organizations may be able to deny customers and employees entry before possibly exposing others.
HPE provides high-accuracy temperature measurements that are within 0.3± °C. When combined with world-class facial recognition, the result is staggering accuracy that allows you to effectively optimize traffic flows.

Touchless Entry

Hands-free access cuts down on the spread of germs on surfaces, especially in high-traffic areas. HPE’s Next-generation Access Control combines multifactor authentication, facial recognition, mobile phone identification, and/or smart door controllers to create hands-free smart access for particular individuals.

This type of secure access is ideal for financial services industries because it allows only those permitted to come and go access while also cutting down on germ exposure.

Social Distance Tracking and Tracing

Social distancing continues to be vital in workplaces and service industries, but ensuring proper social distancing can be very difficult, especially in areas with larger crowds. Smart alerts, real-time analytics, and 3D spatial awareness provide location histories so users can see who has interacted for tracing purposes.

Existing surveillance cameras can be used in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) to make this type of analytics possible—without breaking the bank.

Addressing Cybersecurity Needs

In-person work places have cyber security needs, just like any other type of business. Arguably, strong security protocols are even more important in some of these industries, such as legal and financial services. Medical fields have stringent security protocols that demand high performance security measures as well. With the increase of teleworking and overall need to increase access from anywhere, cyber security is often an even bigger challenge.

HPE takes a holistic approach to cyber security, protecting everything from internal hardware to complete data center infrastructures. HPE’s Ezmeral container platform (orchestrated by Kubernetes) helps companies create more efficient and agile IT solutions. It uses machines that would otherwise be idle to take full advantage of current assets, rather than adding on huge costs, without compromising performance and security.

HPE also offers HPE Greenlake for those who want to utilize the agility of the cloud combined with on-premises architecture. This allows organizations to put highly security data in their physical locations. Combine that with managed IT services to ensure both updates and patches are completed on time and your cybersecurity will be heightened with cybercriminals having less access via known vulnerabilities.

Getting Started

Do not let health and safety challenges compromise your business. Reach out to Comport to learn more about these and other technologies that can keep your in-person business safe for your employees and your customers.


Author:Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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