Accelerate your Move to Network as a Service with HPE GreenLake for Aruba

When most people think of a network, they think of a hard-wired technology solution that is cumbersome and overwhelming. For some, they might also think of the various problems with current networks, including bandwidth issues and access concerns.

As the world continues to grapple with one of the worst health and economic crises in the modern world, they are looking to technology to solve some of their concerns. However, the old ideas of networks are often not prepared for the necessary flexibility required to meet current needs. Thankfully, Network as a Service (NaaS) options are being developed. Options like HPE GreenLake for Aruba are addressing the demand for flexible consumption head-on.

What is Network-as-a-Service?

Network-as-a-Service, or NaaS, is an emerging technology that allows businesses to consume traditional network resources flexibly. NaaS is generally a cloud solution that allows users to operate their network just as they would if they owned all their own equipment to host a network—without the, often massive, investment of purchasing or developing their own infrastructure.

There is no need to build, own, or maintain a network with NaaS. Technologies like HPE GreenLake for Aruba provide a workable, comprehensive solution without the huge investment it would take to develop an internal network. They can provide a workable solution to replace things like:

  • VPNs based on hardware
  • Firewall appliances
  • Load balancers
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connections

Unlike functioning out of the cloud on your own, Network-as-a-Service provides managed care that is flexible and scalable. It often includes software, licenses, lifecycle services, and hardware (in some cases).

Now, as resources for many companies are tighter than ever, NaaS may be an ideal solution to decrease costs and resources necessary to create and maintain a network, without compromising access, security, and functionality.

What is HPE GreenLake for Aruba?

Businesses are more often relying on IoT and automation to address internal productivity and functionality concerns. This reliance creates a need for new support systems, such as Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), which automates and protects the Edge (“anywhere data is created, captured, and processed”).

In conjunction with these efforts, Aruba has also developed a complete Network-as-a-Service solution that connects Aruba Managed Connectivity Services to:

  • Data analytics
  • Network connectivity
  • Network services
  • Manual workflow automation
  • Intelligent and proactive automation suggestions

Aruba Managed Connectivity Services falls under the larger umbrella of HPE GreenLake. Ultimately, HPE GreenLake for Aruba combines Aruba’s best products with the flexibility of delivery from HPE GreenLake.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba: Built for Flexibility and Performance

Automation is a key part of HPE GreenLake for Aruba. Specifically, it will automate workflows to create a solution that meets client needs. Its delivery is based on a data-driven management approach. The result is an extremely flexible service and delivers the performance that clients need, without overdoing it.

In a Forrester study of those who used HPE GreenLake, IT team productivity increased 40% because they were able to reduce their support load. They also saw a 75% decrease in time to market for deploying global IT products. These results are huge—and they indicate that this NaaS solution is working well for a wide variety of clients.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba allows users to:

  • Decrease or avoid network slowdowns or outages
  • Strategically use service expansions
  • Renew through a simple and streamlined process
  • Reduce costs through predictable subscription payments
  • Decrease the overall burden on their current IT team
  • Use data-driven automation to increase performance
  • Utilize an accelerated onboarding experience

Ultimately, Network-as-a-Service, specifically HPE GreenLake for Aruba, creates a usable way to outsource network management. It leaves much more time for your IT team to work on other projects.

Using HPE GreenLake for Aruba to Keep Up with Today’s Technology Demands

The International Data Corporation (IDC), which examines consumer markets by devices, applications, and networks, has indicated a growing trend toward using IoT devices, which has expanded the traditional definition of a network. The result is not only more accessibility, but also more burdens on the management of a network.

Network-as-a-Service addresses these concerns like never before—it provides a scalable, flexible consumption model. In its recent report, IDC specifically recognized NaaS as a vital piece to extend the enterprise network to the Edge.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba is unique because of the combination of accessibly and services it offers. It combines some of the most useful Aruba products and delivers them seamlessly through NaaS functionality. For example, HPE GreenLake for Aruba clients have access to:

  • Customer Experience Management program
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance
  • Equipment refreshes that can be scheduled as convenient for you
  • Access to the Aruba Service Manager, which provides insights and visibility
  • Flexibility to avoid CAPEX purchase spikes and optimize future budgets to maximize purchasing power

These tools result in improved performance for end-users while also maximizing IT efficiencies—all while protecting your company’s bottom line.

Is HPE GreenLake for Aruba the Right Solution for You?

Using Network-as-a-Service may not be the right option for everyone. However, because NaaS is scalable, it will often fit any type of budget. In fact, its improved analytics features can often help make better budgeting predictions down the road.

Making Better Business Decisions with Fewer Resources

According to IDC’s report, perhaps the key takeaway from HPE GreenLake for Aruba is that: “Customers quickly realized that the enhanced visibility, transparency, and flexibility of these models allow IT and business leaders to use real-time insights to make strategic business decisions.”

NaaS promotes better productivity and responsiveness. It can drive growth and allow faster access to new features and functions. Its increased agility also often leads to better lifecycle management. All of this means that, for some, they cannot afford not to take advantage of this game-changing technology. It will lead to better functionality and increased productivity that companies cannot ignore.

Addressing Current Technology Demands (And Beyond)

With all of the changes that 2020 brought, an IDC survey indicated that respondents are expecting to take a closer look at aaS models, including NaaS. IDC also noted that once they are implemented, aaS models have a high retention rate—that is, businesses keep it because it works well and fulfills end-user expectations about accessibly and flexibility.

For hybrid workers who want access anywhere, HPE GreenLake for Aruba may be a great solution. For example, Texas A&M is an Aruba Managed Connectivity Services customer. That solution, which is part of HPE GreenLake for Aruba’s package, provided Texas A&M the IT efficiencies and financial flexibility they needed to address e-learning options for their students. Now, Texas A&M also has NaaS support to continue growing, being as flexible as necessary to ensure that they can still offer viable learning solutions to their students and accessible options for their staff.

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