AI Networking: A New Paradigm

The benefits of integrating AI into your network is becoming evident as networks evolve and security threats continue to expand. AI can optimize and automate network management, including configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and security. It can also bring forth important security protection, improving threat response and mitigation. Let’s explore a bit what AI Networking can do for your organizations.

What is AI Networking: What You’ll Need to Know

AI Networking is originally a term from Gartner. The idea is simple: bring big data and machine learning together, automating the key business processes that fuel IT. With strong machine learning, AI can handle issues like detecting anomalies and determining the causes behind IT challenges. AIOps merges services and performance, throws in a dash of automation, and keeps businesses humming smoothly. Gartner’s term AI Networking is a subset of AIOps. While AIOps can refer to just about anything under the information and operations umbrellas, AI networking focuses on SD-WAN, wired, and wireless IT issues. 

How AI Can Serve as Network Protection

AI-driven network security uses machine learning algorithms to sift through vast data sets—more than any human could ever accomplish. And when these algorithms detect anomalies and identify threatening patterns, they can swing into action. AI systems can also use machine learning to make more accurate predictions about what’s truly an anomaly as it learns how your typical data looks on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. 

The result is that AI network security features do more than help you maintain a constantly watchful eye over your systems. They can also grow and learn, making themselves a more trustworthy barometer of true security threats. 

AI can also provide an autonomous response to security breaches. One of the most groundbreaking parts of AI is that it can neutralize threats in real-time. AI doesn’t have to wait in traffic on its way to work. It can stay active 100% of the time, responding instantly to threats. This doesn’t only reduce your security incident response time. It can also minimize how many breaches make it through your networks.

AI doesn’t just guard your network. It actively learns, adapts, and responds to your network’s unique needs. As the speed and precision of its response improves, so does your cybersecurity. AI technology is only getting faster and more advanced. True: digital threats are advancing along with it. But AI offers your network the capacity it needs to deal with all the unforeseen threats of the modern world. Even more, it gives you the technology to adapt, increase response time, and build a more secure network even without making costly hardware upgrades.

Improved Network Management and Performance with AI Networking 

Not all network demands are the same, from day to day, hour to hour the needs of connectivity and data traffic change. AI networking systems can help you identify bottlenecks, latency issues and congestion while automatically allocating resources and rerouting traffic to improve quality of service. 

AI can also look at trends to identify traffic patterns and anticipate needs, making suggestions for future performance optimization and preventing issues before they degrade performance or create unexpected outages. 

AI Networking makes things easier for your team. 

Tired of managing password resets and other easy tasks? AI networking can optimize IT service management (ITSM), handling basic level 1 and 2 support issues. Additionally more organizations are leveraging NLP, chatbots and virtual agents to manage common help desk issues and troubleshooting. If someone does need to work with a member of your team, AI can help identify that and escalate issues. AI Networking can therefore improve response times, reduce workloads and allow your team to focus on strategy and important projects. 

Why use AI Networking?

The usual approach to networking meant human intervention to handle configurations and troubleshoot any challenges. AI changes the equation a bit. With AI, troubleshooting becomes faster. AI can learn, adapt, and optimize without needing a human constantly at the helm. And AI has several advantages: it doesn’t need to rest, sleep, or eat. It can remain on the lookout for network issues at all times. Perhaps even more importantly, it can analyze the existing data and rapidly crunch that data for predictions, dynamic load balancing, and security improvements.

AI-driven security doesn’t have to remove the human touch, either. It can be a force multiplier for cybersecurity teams. By enhancing the analytical capabilities of your team, it can handle the repetitive tasks at blazing speeds—all while the cybersecurity team makes the strategic choices only humans can make.

Today, the convergence of several different technologies is enabling AI to completely disrupt the networking industry with new levels of insight and automation. AI helps lower IT costs and it assists businesses in achieving their goal of delivering the best possible IT and user experiences. Reach out to the team at Comport to help you utilize AI in your network. 

Written by Miroslav Majernik

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