Enable Simple Work from Home with Aruba’s Digital Workplace Solutions

Aruba’s digital workplace solutions are redesigning remote work. Owing to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of employees all over the United States have been allowed to work from home. This unprecedented situation has highlighted the need for secure and cost-effective business-grade technology to support this mobile workforce. Thankfully, Comport a trusted Aruba Platinum Partner is ready to help organizations expedite their business recovery efforts through the implementation of Aruba’s safe and secure work from home solutions.


According to Forbes, 58% of the American workforce – or six out of 10 people – are currently working remotely. And “…this is a percentage that is only likely to go up,” says John Koetsier a Forbes senior contributor. Aruba like many other network infrastructure providers are helping businesses navigate the transition to work from home environments. Let’s look first as some end user solutions that are quick to deploy and can help with remote access.


When working remotely, Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) are excellent gateways that allow employees to gain access to enterprise applications from anywhere – securely. Employees working through RAPs can make use of their IP phones, trading consoles, VDI terminals as well as mobile devices from home with the same security assurance and quality of service they would have if they were working at the office.

  • Enjoy Universal Access:  Aruba Remote Access Points help to extend the corporate enterprise network to employee mobile devices and laptops giving them universal access anywhere and anytime. An SSL/IPSec tunnel is established by the RAPs to link to a central controller thereby permitting user access to the internal network.
  • Cost-Effective Deployment:  Aruba has designed their RAPs to be cost-effective so more businesses can afford innovative technology to keep them in operation. Because Aruba has the capacity to factory-ship their RAPs to your designated location with configurations all downloaded, set up by your IT team can be done in a hassle-free manner.


What if you’re not at home and on the road? We realize that many of you would prefer the VPN clients from your firewall vendors but if not, Aruba has got you covered through its Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) VPN software. Gain access to business networks and securely connect to your enterprise on your tablet, phone, or laptop while on the go. Enjoy intelligent protection while working remotely.

  • Streamlined Low-Cost VPN:  Aruba’s Virtual Intranet Access is a sophisticated hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN engineered to scan and select the most secure network connection for users. Aruba VIA is different from conventional VPNs because there is no need for dedicated hardware. Instead, this particular Aruba technology consolidates VPN services onto existing Aruba infrastructure which in turn streamlines network management.


Comport prides itself on bringing customers reliable, secure access to accelerate their business. Our aim is to provide technology solutions that help you succeed. If you’d like more information about work from home solutions, reach out to our team.

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