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Comport Provides Secure “Next Generation” Network

Billtrust had a network infrastructure in place that simply couldn’t keep up with the demands of conducting business as a financial organization in the digital age. They had real security concerns with their existing infrastructure and needed a solution that was scalable and could keep pace with government regulations that are constantly changing.

Billtrust needed to find a solution that could address their IT challenges, and an IT partner that could recommend and implement a solution that would satisfy their needs now and into the future.

How Billtrust Stays Ahead of the Game

Billtrust is an award-winning payment cycle management solution company based in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The company was founded in 2001 and has more than 400 employees at locations throughout the U.S., including Chicago, Denver, Plainfield, New Jersey, and Orange County, California.

Billtrust has created strategic, cloud-based solutions that accelerate cash flow by automating invoice delivery, invoice payment, and cash application.

The IT Challenge

Billtrust prides itself on making it easier for organizations to get paid. Its goal is to continuously develop new solutions that help organizations strategically send invoices and accept and apply payments, to help them meet the diverse needs of their customers.

In order to accomplish that goal, Billtrust had to overcome significant IT challenges.

“The challenges that we faced were around the security space,” says Rich West, the Vice President of IT, at Billtrust. West says, “Government regulations that are both national and international are constantly changing, and the technology we were using previously couldn’t keep up with those changes.” He adds, “We chose to go down the path of replacing our previous system with something that could scale. Our vision for the next-generation of the Billtrust network is all around scalability and security. The industry changes very frequently, and for us, we need to stay ahead of the game.” West says they also needed a solution that, from a centralized management perspective, was easy to use.

The Right Partner & The Right Solution

In order to find the right solution, Billtrust needed to find the right IT partner with expertise in wireless networks. A partner they could trust. After vetting a number of different vendors, Billtrust turned to Comport Technology Solutions, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, based in New Jersey.

“Comport separated themselves from all of the other players in the market because of their willingness to really dive into the project as a partner,” says West. He says, “They are not just simply a VAR. They provided a personal connection and an excellent staff. Comport was the right partner to help guide us to the right solution.” From Comport’s perspective, working with clients like Billtrust is about more than just recommending and implementing a solution. It’s about providing a “hands-on” and personalized approach throughout the entire life-cycle of the project – and beyond.

Chris Cappello, Director of Sales at Comport, says, “Billtrust is more than just another customer. Their success really does matter to us.” Cappello adds, “With Billtrust, just like the rest of our customers, we’re not finished when the solution is implemented. We’re there to continue to build upon that solution and there to support them throughout their entire journey.”

After consulting with Comport, Billtrust made the call on what they believe is the “perfect solution” that addresses their network challenges and requirements.

West says, “We implemented the entire suite of the HPE Aruba solution, which includes the Aruba access points, the switch and hardware, and ClearPass. The combination of all of those gives us the capability to manage, control, secure, and oversee all of what happens in the office. The factors that we used as part of our requirements for choosing Aruba were around security, scalability, and manageability.”

The Results

The results of the Aruba implementation have been game-changing for Billtrust.

West says, “Our business is now running extremely smoothly.” He says one of the things Comport and the Aruba solution provided is the ability for their employees to work seamlessly and efficiently, anywhere, anytime. “Our employees travel from location to location, from office to office, they have video conferences, and do their day-to-day jobs, and everything just works. We don’t have to think about how the network works” says West. He goes on to state, “The Aruba solution not only future-proofed us for how the industry is changing, it’s also given us a higher level of trust from our clients. They no longer say, “hey, are you compliant?” They no longer have to worry about that. If we’re compliant, they can rest assured they will be too.”

The successful implementation and on-going interaction between Comport and Billtrust has truly solidified the relationship and trust between the two companies.

Cappello says, “Our relationship with BillTrust will continue to grow through multiple projects that we are still planning to work on together, whether it’s other site deployments, enhancing the Aruba network even more, or through storage efficiencies. In fact, the relationship between Billtrust, Comport, and Aruba is going to evolve using Meridian for Wayfinding and IntroSpect, to make their network even smarter.”

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