What You Need to Know about WAN and Security Transformation with Aruba and Silver Peak

Is SD-WAN dead?

The widespread adoption of cloud infrastructure has revolutionized the landscape leading to questions on security and WAN (Wide Area Network). Gartner’s Learn Why Your Network Needs to Get SASE white paper discussed a new model: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) which led many to conclude that SD-WAN was no longer a prerequisite.

However, VP, Product & Technical Marketing at Silver Peak, Derek Granath notes that nothing could be further from the truth. “You cannot begin your journey to a Secure Access Service Edge without SD-WAN framework in place,” he said during the recently held 2020 ATM Digital Conference. If anything, Granath highlighted the central role of WAN in security transformation.

The Underlying Factors Driving Security Transformation

Why the sudden push for security transformation? The biggest driving force at the core of this security transformation is the cloud. The migration of applications to the cloud dissolves previous enterprise security perimeters. Companies are aware of these changes and 48% of enterprises have already adopted cloud-first strategies.

In addition, companies are coming to grip with the notion that traditional networking and security architectures that have legacy hardware infrastructures such as routers and firewalls have a negative bearing on realizing the full benefits of the cloud. This conservative framework made sense when apps were hosted in enterprise data centers. But today, these orthodox networking frameworks are now inherently inhibitive because of three major reasons:

  1. High-speed internet performance is unstable
  2. It is difficult to guarantee 100% up-time of applications
  3. Security must evolve to address dissolving perimeters


The Cloud Compels Security Transformation

Despite the cloud being welcomed because of key benefits such as improved network agility and cost-savings, it also presents a unique threat. The growing number of IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks remotely makes it difficult to enforce security policies.

This is particularly true during this coronavirus era where almost half of the U.S. workforce is operating remotely. These facts alone are forcing companies to take a hard look at security on their network.

Recognizing the shift taking place in the marketplace, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) responded by announcing a four-year plan with the main objective of positioning HPE as a leader in WAN and Edge services. The first step to realizing this goal involved a strategic merger and acquisition with leading SD-WAN provider Silver Peak SD-WAN Security, a transaction that was achieved in September 2020.


New Security Challenges & Security Requirements

New technology always presents its own challenges and the cloud is no different. The challenges enterprises have to contend with include remote access by employees, the connection of various mobile devices, the internet as the basis of the new network which expands the attack surface for cybercriminals, and the need for agility and efficiency.

The corresponding security requirements needed include centralized policies to connect applications, devices, and users; Zero Trust Network Access instead of VPNs; elimination of performance and security tradeoffs; segmentation of apps and endpoints, and automation between the WAN edge and security.

Thankfully, Silver Peak SD-WAN Security furnishes enterprises with an intelligent and secure connection to cloud-hosted applications using the internet. This mitigates security compromises.


Digital Transformation Requires both WAN & Security Transformation

We cannot talk about digital transformation or secure migration of applications to the cloud without touching on the pivotal roles of Silver Peak SD-WAN Security. When broken down to the basics, digital transformation is the combination of modern cloud apps with modern cloud infrastructure and advanced SD-WAN and cloud security.


Strategic Aruba and Silver Peak Partnership for Safer SD-WAN Solutions

Cloud and security transformation are leading the way in defining a new normal for enterprises. Aruba and Silver Peak’s integration allows enterprises to maximize the benefits of these transformations. Companies can anticipate more secure SD-WAN solutions.

This partnership will provide strategic solutions that lead to data protection while it is in transit across public networks; the connection of branch offices directly to applications via the internet; the ability of the IT team to have full visibility of the WAN from a single pane of glass and facilitate the segmenting of applications in compliance with security policies.


Get Started with Innovative SD-WAN Solutions

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