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Today’s cybercriminals are getting smarter with new attacks coming every day. A Security Assessment can help you view your environment holistically to understand how your company looks from an attacker’s point of view. Comport can help you identify, assess and implement security technologies and managed services that will prevent cyber criminals from getting into your infrastructure without your knowledge.

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Security Assessment Information

Benefits of Security Assessment

  • Gives you awareness of your security risks within your environment.
  • Identifies and measure potential risks of your assets (e.g., network, servers, applications, data centers, tools, etc.) within the organization (that you may or may not know exists).
  • Creates a risk profile for your infrastructure including applications and devices
  • Helps you understand the flow and storage of your data to see where security gaps may lie.
  • Provide value to your organization by tracking your risk depletion and remediation accomplishments
  • Decrease your organizations legal exposure and financial penalties by showcasing the due diligence you’ve shown in defending against threats

Security Assessment Details

Comport’s cyber security services and security assessments allow our customers to develop practical road-maps for their security journey. We also work with you to find cost-effective technologies and support plans to enable your team to tackle security threats. We like to complete security assessment to provide your team with a complete view of your business including data, security and operations so we can develop a solution tailored to your needs. Our security assessments include:

  • Security policy creation and update
  • Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Tool Analysis

Security Assessment Deliverables

At the conclusion of a security assessment. Comport will provide:

  • A list of methods and assessment tools used to show you how we test your environment and the tools you can use moving forward.
  • A complete view of your Current environment with security network diagrams (if examining your network)
  • The vulnerability test results showcasing major holes in your cybersecurity.
  • Risk assessment results, including identified assets, threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood assessment, and the risk results analysis
  • Summary of findings and recommendations that we believe will improve your security posture.

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