9 Questions to Ask Enterprise Data Storage Companies Before You Sign

The search for a qualified enterprise data storage company requires dedicated research and candid conversations. Between understanding how choices will affect your company’s storage strategy to keeping up with the new wave of solutions available, it’s no wonder why vetting data storage vendors is a demanding process.

When gaps in legacy storage solutions arise, it’s time to explore modern storage alternatives. Comport’s 30+ years in the technology space has allowed for countless conversations with IT leaders to discuss different storage applications for their businesses. We’ve compiled a list of the most important questions to ask potential enterprise data storage companies before committing to a contract. 

Questions To Ask When Researching Enterprise Data Storage Companies

1. Do you have experience integrating these solutions into a legacy environment? How well will the solution integrate into my current infrastructure?

Vendors must have this experience if your organization has never used flash drives before, which will allow a partner to provide the advice and support you’ll need during this process. Great vendors provide 24/7/365 support because business continuity doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock.

2. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and deployment strategies for enterprise flash storage?

Enterprise cloud storage companies often have access to high-end technology that isn’t worth the cost of companies owning internally. This makes top-tier tech available to nearly every business! Ask about industry partnerships and continued training your vendor has to be sure your organization gets access to the best storage solutions.

3. How intuitive is your solution?

Asked another way, what role does AI play in your solutions? Today’s top software includes AI and machine learning for routine maintenance, predictive alerts, and security features. Cloud storage companies with access to modern storage solutions will be able to speak to how AI enhances their specific solution’s performance.

4. Tell me about the process to migrate data on and off my new storage array.

This is the holy grail of questions. After all, why would companies embark on a storage refresh if it didn’t enhance their ability to retrieve data? Make sure a potential data storage vendor can outline expectations for data availability ahead of committing to a new system.

5. Will your storage solution be able to scale up incrementally if and when your business requires it?

One of the biggest advantages of modern storage solutions is their ability to scale with businesses allowing the flexibility needed to enable growth. Make sure your vendor is able to recommend storage options that allow scaling on-demand.

6. How does the total cost compare to my existing storage solution and that of your competition?

After reviewing your existing environment and the best storage options to meet your business goals, cloud storage consultants should be able to provide a cost estimate ahead of your commitment to a new solution. Oftentimes, pay as you go storage solutions are much more affordable than legacy storage or owning and maintaining your own solution.

7. What resources do you have on your solution’s performance?

Cloud storage vendors typically have plentiful data available from the storage solutions. A common stat touted for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI has 99.9999% availability. Stats like these are helpful in painting a picture of real-world implementation of storage solutions.

8. What type of customer support do you provide? How personalized is it?

Out-of-the-box solutions are great for quick fixes, but most companies find the best long-term outcome with a customized storage strategy. Custom strategies grow with your business and allow for the highest potential for cost savings over time.

9. How do you support ongoing strategies once the implementation lift is complete? 

This is one of the most important questions to ask an enterprise flash storage vendor. It’s essential to ensure that your vendor’s solution will provide the performance and reliability your organization needs now in addition to meeting future requirements.

Optimizing your enterprise storage solution is no small task. With many options available for flash storage that enable modern agility, consulting a storage solution vendor helps inform your decision in light of your company’s requirements. Modern storage solutions are monumentally better than their legacy counterparts. Get started on your storage refresh with a Data Storage Assessment performed by Comport’s certified IT consultants.

Our in-house storage experts are seasoned in analyzing storage environments and creating strategies that work for businesses—both today and into the future.

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