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The newer generation of infrastructure offers great simplicity, reliability, and requires much less management. With the shift to composable, software-defined everything, and hyperconverged – not to mention cloud – we encourage you to have a look at the power and performance that is now available. Take advantage of Comport’s investment in our Technology Demonstrations Lab!

Using equipment in our Ramsey, NJ solutions center, an experienced Comport Systems Engineer will demonstrate the features and functionality of the equipment you are interested in. This can be done live in the Lab or, if you prefer, via a web-based session.

Available Technology Demonstrations

The following are commonly requested technology demos.  Let us know if you have another need, as we can arrange for special requests.

HPE SimpliVity Demo

We can demo the entire functionality of HPE SimpliVity using our 5 nodes. 2 nodes are in the Ramsey data center and the other 3 nodes are in the ComportSecure data center. This allows for the demonstration of a primary and secondary site connection for DR or ROBO offices. We can demo backups and backup policies, cloning, moving, and Disaster Recovery capabilities.

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Nutanix AHV Demo

We can demo the startup of Nutanix using foundation as well as Prism to manage the cluster. If you are interested in reducing licensing costs, we can do both VMware deployments as well as Nutanix AHV, which is free of charge. We also have the capability to demo migration from VMware to Nutanix AHV.

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HPE 3PAR Enterprise-Grade Storage Demo

Our demo includes HPE InfoSight, which provides AI driven operations with predictive analytics across storage, compute, and composable (HPE Synergy).

  • 3PAR Storage Overview A short presentation on the features and functionality of the 3PAR storage array and the underlying architecture.
  • 3PAR ManagementDemonstrate the use of the 3PAR Inform Management Console which allows you to manage an entire 3PAR storage array from a single pane of glass.
  • LUN Creation Quickly create a LUN and prepare it for presentation to a host system.
  • Host Presentation Present LUNs to hosts using both fiber channel and iSCSI protocols.
  • Autonomic Groups – Save valuable time when presenting multiple LUNs to multiple host such as with clusters and server virtualization.
  • Thin Provisioning – Experience the unique characteristics of 3PAR “Thin Built In” technology. Get Thin and Stay Thin.
  • Dynamic Optimization See storage tiering at the volume level.
  • Adaptive Optimization Experience automatic, policy based storage tiering at the sub-volume level.
  • Snapshots – Demonstrate the use of 3PAR SnapShot technology.
  • Virtual Domains Demonstrate the secure, multi-tenancy features of a 3PAR storage array.

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HPE Nimble Infosight Demo

We can demo the Nimble UI with HPE InfoSight.

  • HPE Nimble InfoSight simplifies the infrastructure lifecycle from planning to expanding.
  • In addition, the HPE Nimble InfoSight resource planner accurately sizes new infrastructure by simulating multiple what-if scenarios using app-centric machine learning models. It also accurately predicts capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs with specific upgrades.
  • Finally, HPE Nimble InfoSight optimizes workload placement based on simulated scenarios to predict performance and capacity on an array and how this workload affects neighboring resources.

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HPE Synergy Composer Demo

A Composable Infrastructure provides an environment that supports the ability to run physical, virtual, or containerized workloads. We can demonstrate the frame components and the Composer. Future – Image Streamer.

  • The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame is optimized to include all elements to run any workload. It includes embedded management and is designed to support a wide range of compute modules and storage options. The back of the frame includes fabric interconnects, enabling flexibility with regard to storage and other interconnectivity needs. The frame is designed to be optimized for longevity. HPE has taken into consideration ongoing requirements from a power, cooling, and bandwidth standpoint that may occur over the next decade. You’ll be able to protect your investment even while you go through multiple generations of compute, storage, and fabric resources. Plus, as technology moves from copper connectivity to fiber optics, you’ll be able to upgrade your environment to leverage this paradigm shift. The frame is plumbed to allow you to grow from a bandwidth perspective, from 10 to 25, 40, and 100 GbE and beyond.
  • HPE Synergy Composer, powered by HPE OneView, enables you to deploy, monitor, update, and manage infrastructure through its life cycle from one interface. As the window into HPE Synergy, the Composer provisions compute, storage, and fabric resources using a template process. This allows infrastructure to be deployed and consistently updated with the right configuration parameters and firmware versions — streamlining the delivery of IT services.
  • Deploying a typical operating system or hypervisor can be time consuming because it requires customizing and/or copying each image for each compute module. HPE Synergy Image Streamer accelerates these processes through tight integration with HPE Synergy Composer templates. The image payload consists of your compute module’s profile (from HPE Synergy Composer), your golden image (the operating environment with a bootable operating system and application and the I/O driver version), and the personality (the operating system and application configuration). Through the template, bootable images are deployed across stateless compute modules using a simple, consistent process.

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Cohesity Demo

A single hyperconverged web-scale solution that supports target storage, backup, recovery and replication. We can demonstrate the UI, target storage deployment, backup and recovery.

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Aruba Wireless Demo

Complete solutions for secure wired and wireless access. We can demo the features and functionality of Aruba Airwave and Aruba Clearpass for managing Aruba environments.

  • Network Health and Troubleshooting
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Network Policy Management, Access Control and Enforcement

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ComportSecure Demo

Provides secure offsite protection of IT resources. We can demo:

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