ComportSecure BaaS

Businesses cannot afford to be without their corporate data.  Tolerance for outages is minimal, despite increasing attacks by cyber criminals and Mother Nature. ComportSecure Backup as a Service with Veeam Cloud Connect delivers cloud-based, scalable protection with a predictable monthly OPEX subscription, from an award-winning industry leader. No high costs or complicated installations!  Backup as a Service (BaaS) can be paired with ComportSecure Disaster Recovery as a Service, for those in need of another layer of protection.

You made a great decision to back up your virtual servers with Veeam. Your next great decision further protects your enterprise with off-site, offline Veeam backups to our ComportSecure cloud.  Simply choose ComportSecure as your service provider and point your VM backups.

As usual, you control your backup schedule and the virtual machines, files, databases, and applications you are protecting.  Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure backup at ComportSecure’s fully redundant, state-of-the-art facilities.  View your backups at any time from your ComportSecure portal.

ComportSecure Advantages vs Off-Site Backup to Tape

Using ComportSecure for off-site backups provides many advantages over backing up to tape. ComportSecure Backup as a Service avoids:

  • Variable recovery time for tapes to arrive from storage
  • Lack of restore testing and reporting
  • Cost of tapes
  • Obsolescence of tape standards
  • Degradation of magnetic tape over time


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