The Buzz Behind BaaS: 6 Ways Backup as a Service Solutions Benefit IT Teams

An explosion of data has led companies to adopt backup as a service as their enterprise backup solution because it provides instant access to data and greater security with less hands-on management and a lower total cost of ownership.

Let’s talk about data backup and recovery. On second thought, let’s not. It’s stressful. It’s time-consuming. It’s expensive.

90 percent of data today was created in the last two years

While data backup might be a boring, repetitive task, it’s one of the most important ways to protect your business. Backup as a service solutions create a cloud-based security structure around data so that it can be stored reliably and moved around quickly, all while maintaining its veracity.

The past decade brought significant changes to device connectivity across many industries. This “Internet of Things” created an explosion of data that requires IT teams to figure out the best way to manage it.

Companies are increasingly turning to backup as a service (BaaS) solutions for effective management of data backup and recovery.

Fast. Dependable. Stress-free. BaaS was made to handle today’s requirements.

For teams that are struggling to envision how they could possibly maintain a traditional, hardware-based enterprise backup solution, partnering with a BaaS provider to implement as a service offerings can be the key to transformation.

Backup As A Service is a cloud-based security structure around data so that it can be stored reliably and moved around quickly while maintaining its veracity

Here are six ways IT departments benefit from backup as a service solutions:

1. BaaS enables cost savings by eliminating the need to maintain hardware and software

Folder icon and server iconIn order to secure data efficiently, companies need to keep cutting-edge hardware as a storage repository. Most companies do not have the manpower or finances to keep up with this level of storage hardware, especially considering the rapid evolution of technology and data growth. The initial cost of hardware to appropriately store and secure data is prohibitive to begin with. Add in repairs, maintenance and updates and the ongoing cost management becomes a real headache.

It’s easier for a backup as a service provider to own this equipment instead of individual companies because they can spread the cost between all of their clients.

Backup as a service solutions can save IT departments money in two ways:

  1. No large upfront hardware purchase. Your team can use the existing infrastructure.
  2. Less hardware means less electricity, less management, and less monitoring. This allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

BaaS also provides automated software and hardware updates as soon as they appear on the market. No more waiting on yet another maintenance cost to pass through executive approval.

2. Automating data backup with backup as a service solutions lets IT teams focus on strategic initiatives

If you work in IT, then you know how mundane data backup can be. This is low-hanging fruit for handing off to a BaaS provider. The valuable expertise your IT team possesses is better spent on advancing business initiatives rather than performing repetitive tasks.

3. Backup as a service solutions let you retrieve data quickly anytime, anywhere

Blue lock iconBaaS is a cloud-based enterprise backup solution, giving end users the flexibility to retrieve data from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. 

BaaS uses object storage for more timely retrieval of data. This modern method of storage organizes folders in a flat address, or “storage pool” rather than a traditional tiered file structure, which allows for better analytics, unlimited scalability, and quick access to data.

4. Create stronger compliance safeguards by using backup as a service solutions

The best BaaS providers have geographically diverse data centers with top tier security. This has two benefits: 

  1. Redundant data centers offer more reliability, which is especially helpful for compliance that requires continual access to data.
  2. These data centers generally offer better physical protection because they have electronic and/or biometric access mechanisms and durability against natural disasters.

Many issues can cause backups to fail, including human error and natural disasters. This infographic shows how Backup as a Service solutions are always on even when an unpredictable event happens.

5. Establish a secure repository for data backed with cybersecurity protection

BaaS providers have access to better security than individual companies, meaning a BaaS solution will offer added layers of anti-virus, anti-spam protection. For example, there is no way that most companies would be able to afford tier 5 data center access. However, with the appropriate BaaS provider, companies do have access to this kind of data center.

With BaaS cloud backups, files are encrypted before transmission and will remain so until they reach their destination. You are the only one with the key. Your data will be more difficult to access and less vulnerable to security threats such as ransomware.

How to create a backup strategy 1 Prepare for the possibility of a breach 2 Conduct regular tests of your backup system 3 Examine your networking infrastructure 4 Have a strong data retention policy 5 Create a seamless digital workplace. View the full infographic.

6. Get speedy data recovery plus no more manual backups with BaaS

With BaaS solutions, backups can be automated, so you don’t have to plan or worry about blue server icons in clouddowntime (for system backup windows). You don’t have to keep track. You don’t even have to think about it. If/when you do need to recover your data, it is a much faster and straight-forward process.

With a cloud-based backup as a service solution, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can restore your data from anywhere even if your office is out of commission.

The reality is that it just is not possible for many businesses to keep up with the costs, infrastructure, growth, and management required of a traditional, hardware-based data backup and recovery solution. 

Backup as a service solutions are a powerful tool that can streamline your IT demands. These solutions can be completely customized to your company’s unique needs and challenges. And the best part? You won’t have to worry about data backup and recovery again.

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