ComportSecure Security and Compliance

Your mission-critical workloads are best protected by layers of security and best practices, to reduce overall risk to as close to zero as possible.  Not only do ComportSecure clients receive the added protection of securely storing or operating daily from state-of-the-art data centers, but they also receive extra physical and virtual security as Tier 5 data centers.  These protections are extraordinary:

  • 7-layer physical surveillance with military trained officers on-site
  • Each server rack is securable and each compartmentalized cage/room on the data center floor is independently securable
  • A minimum 7′ with 18″ perimeter fence with a 3 strand barbed wire topper or similar, at 45 degree angle away from the premises that is not minimized by vehicle or pedestrian access
  • The premises can maintain shelter in place security operations for 100 hours
  • Security operations employs the most stringent physical security enforcement tools allowable by law with an onsite fire brigade
  • Photo ID badged entry access control which records access times/dates/user for 180 days
  • Authentication by PIN/biometric/Two Person Integrity
  • Network segmentation + segmented backups protect against Ransomware.
  • 7-layer physical surveillance, military trained officers on-site
  • Scalable attack mitigation platform

In addition to Security, we understand the importance of Compliance measures including HIPAA, HITECH, SOC 1 & SOC 2, ITAR, NERC, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI DSS among others.   We will work with you upfront to discuss and incorporate your regulatory compliances into your ComportSecure plan.

What once was difficult and expensive is now simplified and profit returning versus consuming – for all sizes of organizations. Our HIPAA and PCI compliance experts are ready to help build, migrate and manage your organizations compliant environment to help you grow for tomorrow, not maintain for today. Put your data center security and compliance in capable hands.

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