HPE Superdome Flex architecture

HPE Superdome Flex Architecture

Comport is committed to helping you manage increasing data volumes, security threats and more with the right infrastructure for your business. 

Solve Complex Data Problems with the Right Technology - Consider HPE Superdome Flex

The Superdome Flex from HPE was created to help you manage your mission critical workloads and provide valuable data analytics faster than other architectures. 

Why HPE Superdome Flex Architecture?

Data is vital to today’s organizations. From healthcare genomics to complex customer databases, organizations must be able to extract analytical information to inform their day-to-day decisions. Platforms like the HPE Superdome Flex architecture have been modernized to adapt to cloud, but more importantly they deliver an innovative solution for varied, data-intensive, and converging workloads. For organizations to evolve towards data driven enterprises, they need a modern environment that can deliver large single compute and shared memory capacity for true real-time analytics like the HPE Superdome Flex Architecture provides. 

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HPE Digital Transformation

When HPE Superdome Flex Architecture Make Sense.

If your organization is failing to utilize data to your advantage, you are not alone, however keeping your legacy systems and expecting them to adapt is not the answer. Organizations that are looking for a better way to operate critical applications, accelerate analytics, and create real-time business insights simply need a more advanced platform like the HPE Superdome Flex that was purpose built to give them the advantage they need in today’s digital world.

Top Benefits of HPE Superdome Flex Architecture

  • Grow at Your Own Pace: The unique integrated design of the HPE Superdome provides a scalable solution for your organization that allows you to grow as you need without overprovisioning and disruptive upgrades.
  • Up-Time for Mission Critical Workloads: Built for mission-critical availability, the Superdome has a built-in firmware first approach to help protect against disruption in the OS layer. In addition, the native analysis engine helps to prevent and repair issues before they become a problem.
  • Unbounded I/O: The Superdome Flex offers ample I/O choice to support a wide variety of workloads.
  • Support for Persistent Memory:

    Purpose built to support Persistent memory, organizations can choose to run their system with all DRAM or a combination of DRAM and persistent memory. This is particularly useful in the case of SAP Hana test and development systems where restarts are common and waiting for lost data to re-load can take hours.  

  • Security: The HPE superdome has been designed with several inherent security features such as “air gapped” manageability subsystem that doesn’t allow firmware updates from the operating system and a Silicon Root of Trust protection to enable discovery of theoretically compromised firmware and prevent its execution.
  • Simplified User Experience: With a simplified management experience via HPE specific tools such as HPE OneView, Insight Remote Support, and Proactive Care, as well as supporting open source Redfish API and OpenStack the HPE Superdome Flex Architecture enhances end user experience.
  • Consumption Models: Enjoy the superdome flex either on premise or as-a-service. With aas options via HPE Greenlake and ComportSecure there are custom solutions to work with your critical data needs. 


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