Safety Net IT Services

We see this as a time to work together as we all adapt to succeed in our new environments. Below are some of the ways Comport can support your organization, depending on the scenarios you face.

Staff Support

  • If you lose headcount, we might be able to take on some of your people as 1099s through ComportSecure, and contract those resources back to you a few days/week etc. Then you re-hire when the smoke clears.
  • If you need your most talented /senior workers to take on more, their “mundane” tasks can be shifted to ComportSecure’s portfolio of “as a service” and Managed IT Services.
  • If there could be future layoffs and you don’t want to incur costs of recruiting, benefits, and training we might be able to provide a staff augmentation for you.
  • If you prefer us to run a portion or all of your IT, we can via ComportSecure.

Financial Support

  • If you need to preserve cash, we can discuss flexible consumption options “as a service and “pay as you grow.”  This eliminates upfront capital outlays, so you pay just when you use it – as opex.
  • If cash flow and liquidity help are needed, HPE has a $2B Payment Relief Program whereby you get the IT you need today but pay in intervals that can go into the next budget year.  Our team has done several of these now and they work very well.
  • If you must reduce costs, on-premise and cloud Assessments usually turn up opportunities to save $$.
  • Certified pre-owned, short-term rentals and asset recovery are available.

Remote Work & Business Continuity Support

  • If Covid required fast off-site VDI, we can help re-visit and properly design on-premise, cloud and hybrid VDI, networking, security and compliance.
  • If Laptop and O365 Suite Security and Backup at homes are needed, ComportSecure can quickly help.
  • Free Remote Server Management – For the remainder of 2020, HPE will offer its remote server management software Integrated Lights-Out (iLo) Advanced free of charge, enabling users to configure, monitor and update HPE servers seamlessly from anywhere, with minimal resources.
  • Our excellent networking team can tackle wireless, core and network management to enable the functionality that you now need.
  • To minimize in-house presence our Ramsey center can integrate & ship to your locations.

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