The Many Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

The global COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented disruption to businesses of all types. Remote work is the new normal. In response to the sudden jolt to standard business operations, companies are searching for alternative ways to carry on critical functions and boost productivity. The pandemic is also shifting the view of managed IT services to create efficiencies, lower TCO, and move budget to a predictable opex model. Explore the sections below to learn about the many financial benefits of managed IT services.

Table of Contents

  1. Improve Productivity
  2. Reduce Financial Strain
  3. Enhance Cyber Security
  4. Manage Employee Losses
  5. Access Experts in Technology Solutions

Stretch IT Dollars with Managed IT Services 

During disruptions unexpected issues often arise and dealing with these issues may require additional investments. At the same time, spending can go into lockdown. At these junctures it’s important to weigh the value of “as-a-service” options (aaS) that can produce the same results without the upfront capital costs.

Improve Productivity and Technology Contributions

Your employees can focus on addressing customers’ and end users’ needs remotely, without also managing backup windows, end user complaints, testing, and troubleshooting difficult-to-solve problems. Here are several aaS capabilities that help meet these goals:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) limits upfront costs and leverages the advantage of a team of experts maintaining your systems and security and advising, while you focus on vital business initiatives.
  • Backup-as-a-service (BaaS Solutions) reduces time spent on backup maintenance while ensuring your data including remote data is well-protected. Ransomware payment risk is also reduced.
  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) ensures access to your data during times when cyber criminals take advantage of a tough environment.
  • Managed IT Services can strategically fill gaps while you are asked to do more with less. This type of service helps manage your environment without breaking the bank.

Traditional disaster recovery is costly, complex to manage and simply can’t respond to flexible needs and cyber threats. With the advent of DRaaS, disaster recovery took a giant step in the right direction! You now have an enterprise-grade, low-cost, turnkey process with quick recovery to avoid data loss. As a result, your team can focus on critical matters.

Lastly, managed data center infrastructure allows you to shift the busy-work of reporting and monitoring to your managed IT team throughout a crisis. Instead of focusing on reading a monitor and endless reports, your team is available to handle the more pressing matters.

Reduce Financial Strain with Predictable Costs

When disaster strikes, planning every dime is essential to preventing business losses. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to IT can lead to surprise bills and delayed implementations. Nothing could be worse when a business is already facing great uncertainty. Managed IT services on the other hand ensure a stable monthly cost and a structure that scales quickly when needed.

As the pandemic evolves, IT needs quickly change. The needs of this week may pale in comparison to those of next week. Moreover, a preset cost for managed IT services frees capital for use in other parts of your business, including employee productivity, creating new service levels to reach your customers, strategic planning and more.

Keep Your Eyes on Cyber Security Protections!

According to Kennet Westby of Chief Executive magazine, cybercriminals increase their attempts to steal information that can destroy businesses following physical disasters. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic also emphasize the importance of advance and ongoing cyber-attack preparedness. Managed IT Service providers keep you up to date on the latest patches and OS updates to ensure that cyber criminals cannot leverage known vulnerabilities, leaving your company open to significant damage.

Disaster recovery is also an integral part of the response to COVID-19. While DRaaS can’t thwart attacks, it can protect your data and ensure continuity at a time when you cannot afford extended downtime or payments to (hopefully) retrieve your data. DRaaS providers leverage the latest technology and generally provide more robust security features than you can afford and/or manage on your own. We created this free disaster recovery assessment to evaluate the risk and data loss potential of your organization.

With the right DRaaS you also extend your team with their experts. Should an attack get through your lines of defense, these experts help ensure that your data is recovered fast and that downtime is minimal. Given that the average cost of downtime, says Gartner, is more than $5,000 per minute that’s an immense financial help!

Managing Employee Losses or Costs Can be Another Financial Benefit

During this time, some employees may be unable to work. For those companies looking to outsource work, managed IT services can alleviate problems associated with hiring, onboarding new staff, paying benefits, allocating space and equipment and providing initial and future trainings.

Managed IT services scale to meet the needs of your business, and providers can add or retract resources to meet the ebbs and flows. This level of flexibility is a benefit throughout typical business operations, but when push comes to shove in a crisis, it will help your business keep costs under control.

Managed IT Services Means Access to Industry-Leading Experts, Without the Huge Price

Today’s IT professionals stand out in an industry where experience is king. With the rise of cloud computing capabilities, managed IT service providers have the experts. A single provider may have decades of combined experience that can be tapped to help your organization succeed. Managed services teams continuously train for the next “big thing”, learning more about technology, business efficiency and how to help companies thrive. They see the patterns and they know what to do.

Additionally, service providers work with manufacturers for hands-on experience with the newest technologies as an added resource. They can also leverage these relationships when there is an issue with technology that cannot be easily solved.

Let’s face it, many IT teams are scrambling to stay above water. Suddenly, COVID-19 hits and employees are being asked to work remotely and set up home offices. Now you have a whole new slew of issues to deal with, setting up remote access, ensuring security and storage for remote workers and more! Having an experienced technology provider that allows you to tap into additional experts and help with remote issues can provide your team with stability during an uncertain and intense times.

Business Leaders Must Act Now to Finally Lower IT Costs and Improve Capabilities

Business leaders are under continuous pressure to lower IT operating costs and expenses. However, the efficiency gains from maintaining the status quo have reached their maximum. Instead, companies have turned to the power of cloud and aaS capabilities to handle IT needs without the added costs of traditional service. Managed IT service is a great way to approach and mitigate uncertainty, as well as to keep costs under control.

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