IoT: The Driving Force for Backup as a Service Solutions

The Internet of Things and backup as a service (BaaS) are mentioned together more than ever because the explosion of data requires both. Companies looking to build a modern data management infrastructure must use the IoT to deliver data in its most timely manner. BaaS is the basis of creating a solid security structure around data so that it can be stored and moved around while maintaining its veracity.

With all of the complexity around managing data, many companies have trouble doing it alone. So how exactly can a BaaS provider help you? Here are some of the most important reasons that you need one.

Creating a Secure Repository for Your Data

If you want to secure your data efficiently, you need to keep cutting edge hardware as a storage repository. This is very difficult to do if you are trying to keep up with technology at its current rate in-house. The initial cost of hardware to appropriately store and secure data is prohibitive to begin with. Repairs, maintenance and updates add even more ongoing costs.

Most companies do not have the ability to keep up with this level of storage hardware with the data growing so quickly. It is much easier for a BaaS provider to own this equipment for you, they can spread the cost between all of their clients. It is also easier for them to upgrade when new hardware becomes available. Instead of waiting for the in house executive suite to okay the cost, you get automated software and hardware updates as soon as they appear on the market.

BaaS providers also have access better security than individual companies. Because of the scale these service providers operate within, they are able to provide better physical and software security. For example, there is no way that most companies would be able to afford tier 5 data center access. You do, however, have access to this kind of data center through the appropriate BaaS provider.

Finding a Way to Better Manage Data

One of the more innovative ways that companies have found to better manage data involves combining backup as a service with object storage. The Internet of Things IoT comes into play here because it is continuing to be one of the largest sources of new data. Objects that are moved into a single storehouse rather than being ingrained in deep folders are organized and can be moved with greater efficiency.

Object storage places custom identifiers on every piece of data that is in a file, adding metadata as well. This completely eliminates the traditional tiered structure that you see on commercial desktop storage. Everything is put into a flat address that is known as a “storage pool.” The metadata that is created here is the key to success because of the deep analysis that the storage pool provides.

There are many benefits to object storage, including the following.

  • Better analytics – Because this type of storage is driven by metadata, each piece of data can be analyzed much more deeply.
  • Unlimited scalability – With object storage, you can keep adding data no matter how much you grab or how much your company expands.
  • More timely retrieval of data – The way that data is categorized an object storage allows end-users to retrieve data much more quickly than in a traditional tiered file structure.
  • Lower costs – Object storage is much less expensive than traditional storage because of the scale out nature of the former.
  • Optimizing resources – The lack of a filing hierarchy in object storage keeps the data from experiencing limitations that occur in blocker file storage.

All of these advantages make object storage the optimal type of storage for the data being generated from the Internet of Things IoT. Why does object storage require backup as a service? Because of the complex set of metadata that is generated with each piece of data, losing even a small bit of data can be devastating to a company. Having backup as a service ready is essential to maintaining the veracity of the dataset as a whole and individual pieces of data that can be used for deep analysis.

Letting Your Data Work for You

IoT gives you many benefits, most notably the ability to better engage with their clients. We are in the day and age when your data must work for you. There is simply too much for any human team to access or analyze it all. You must have automation analyzing your data, managing the storage and obtaining it when you need it.

In short, the IoT is the driving force behind data today. Regardless of other innovations, the IoT is creating waves that are getting harder and harder to manage. Using backup as a service keeps the huge amount of data that you have to manage fully protected. Couple that with new technologies like object storage and you have a better handle on your data. For more ways to optimize your data to work for you, reach out to the ComportSecure team.

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