Comport is launching BWaaS – Buzzword-as-a-Service

In an effort to better serve our customers, Comport will be launching a new service…soon to be packaged in HPE Greenlake. Comport is launching BWaaS…BuzzWord as a service. Comport will take any of your basic offerings you need to sell to management and package in a flexible consumption, synergistic, cloud experience. What does that mean?  We have no idea…but who cares?  If it has a buzz word that includes cloud, as-a-service, and consumption we’ve got you covered!

Q.) David, tell me about the inspiration for this new BuzzWord-as-a-Service, or BWaaS solution? 

A.) It’s really simple, Lori.  Our customers have great ideas that can really help their organizations…they just aren’t saying them right.  Will their idea “move their company forward” or will it “re-set their organizational trajectory”?  I mean really….which solution would you sign-off on?

Q.)  That’s fascinating.  Where do you see customers REALLY seeing ways this service can help?

A.) The key is staying up to date.  Customers may think that simply saying “cloud” is enough.  It just isn’t any more.  Cloud-experience?  Cloud-adjacent? Cloudification of a solution?  (just made that one up!!).  You need to tie cloud to something.  Another key is emoting action.  Will the solution “reduce costs” or “Drive organizational value”?

Q.) How will customers pay for this service?

A.) They key is a simple, cloud-like consumption model.  Customers can sign up for a specific RWC (reserve word capacity) and any buzz-words provided under that count are covered by the minimum fee.  Of course, there is an egress charge for any reports using these words that leave the organization, but that’s consistent with the cloud-like model.  Words over and above the RWC will be charged per word.  As special to our customers, all hyphenated words will count as ONLY ONE WORD (for the remainder of 2022).

Q.) This is clearly a service that customers need!  Look in your crystal ball.  What else is in the hopper in development at ComportSecure?

A.) Well….we’ve been keeping these under wraps, but we have a couple new solutions our team has been hard at work developing.  The AaaS (Acronym-as-a-Service) will further help both our customers and suppliers confuse those holding the purse strings to into spending more money.  And finally, our CaaS (Cliché-as-a-Service) is really a game changer.  Our team is taking it one day at a time on that one and I’d just like to thank God and my teammates for putting in the work every day.

Wow!!  Well…keep us informed on what’s coming next, David.  ComportSecure is CLEARLY making a REALLY large impact with customers and adding tremendous value!!

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