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Cohesity vs Rubrik: A Technical Guide to Selection

Data is a vital resource and lifeblood for all businesses. The imperative to modernize data management is driven by the need to simplify and automate management tasks, consolidate silos, reduce technical skillsets to increase interoperability of staff , reduce costs and generally increase reliability in the face of natural disasters and cyberattacks. Find out why organizations are comparing Cohesity vs Rubrik with topics like:

  • Disaster Recovery including quick restore, failback, testing and more.
  • Enterprise Data Backup solutions like instant mass restore, converged management and variable-length deduplication
  • Cloud Backup Support such as cost benefits, restorations, redundancy and compliance

Want a quick comparison first, take a look at our blog: Cohesity vs Rubrik: The Drive to Modernize, Manage and Protect Data

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