Why choose Nutanix NCI (Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure) for Business-Critical Applications

Early adopters of Nutanix know the company for their Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions but with many moving towards cloud, Nutanix has evolved to provide their NCI (Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure for clients as well. For organizations looking for easy one-click application management and mobility across cloud environments, Nutanix has created a true cloud-like experience at a lower total cost of ownership. Customers of Nutanix are consistently relying on their solutions to run business-critical applications and databases at peak performance with a dramatically lower TCO.

Reasons organizations adopting Nutanix NCI (Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure) for their critical Applications.

Reason 1: Consolidated Storage

NCI allows organizations to unify storage across block file and objects allowing you to simplify management and control of your applications. In addition, the software enables automated provisioning, scaling and self-healing saving your team time and allowing them to allocate this time elsewhere making your business more efficient.

Reason 2: Hypervisor of choices.

Many competitive solutions lock you into their hypervisor, Nutanix does not. They believe that you should be able to choose the right solution for your environment whether that’s on prem, in the cloud or hybrid. With Nutanix, you can choose from numerous industry standard hypervisor solutions and even keep your existing infrastructure while obtaining HCI advantages.

Reason 3: Integrated Security

In today’s digital world, security is of utmost importance. Organizations must establish trust among their users and protect their data from malicious actors. To that end, Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) uses the zero trust principle to automatically provide users with the least amount of privileges needed to keep the environment secure. This approach not only helps ensure the safety of sensitive data but also allows organizations to add additional privileges as needed depending on user requirements. In addition, there is built-in security that exceeds the requirements of the U.S. Department of defense so you can rest assured that you have a great baseline to work from.

Reason 4: Data Recovery

Nutanix offers a comprehensive range of solutions that meet the needs of any business when it comes to meeting their Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Utilizing the per-VM recovery point approach, Nutanix can provide businesses with protection from data loss and downtime more efficiently than traditional non-integrated approaches. With a focus on scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, Nutanix makes it easier for businesses to set up their disaster recovery plans.

Reason 5: License Portability

In the past, businesses had to choose between an on-premises license or a cloud deployment. This could be an especially challenging decision since it meant making sure the right infrastructure was in place and working properly. Thankfully, Nutanix’s cloud platform offers organizations the flexibility to change their deployment model as their needs evolve over time. With Nutanix, users can switch between on-premises licenses and cloud deployments quickly and easily for a truly dynamic experience.

Reason 6: Management and Analytics

With a unified pane of glass, for multiple aspects of HCI, Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) provides both access to operational insights and the ability to resolve issues with just a few clicks. What’s important to note here is you can see both cloud and native applications with Nutanix cloud manager and prism.

Organizations with business critical applications and crucial databases should consider the Nutanix Cloud Platform for its hyperconverged solutions at scale. With the elimination of siloed legacy solutions, NCI provides great speed with less effort for a better performance overall. To discuss hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, reach out to Comport’s team.


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