HPE Infosight: The Missing Piece to Your Data Center Puzzle

If you are facing the challenge of reworking or building your data center, you know firsthand the complexity of organizing data and trying to run a business within a new infrastructure. The stars need to align in many ways for your system to work. When you do not get everything right, you get downtime. HPE Infosight is your tactical solution, using predictive analytics to automatically identify and fix short term issues. Your team will then be able to focus on your company’s strategic initiatives.

Here are just a few of the ways that HPE Infosight can reduce your costs of implementation and your company downtime.

The Core Causes of Downtime

HPE storage solutions address all of the root causes of downtime, especially in industries where downtime causes a real loss of revenues. These root causes include cybercrime; UPS system failure; equipment failure; generator failure; physical weather conditions; water, heat and CRAC failure; and accidental human error.

Although HPE Storage Infosight can be used within any industry, it is quite effective in high risk industries including colocation, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare and communications. HPE Infosight has been shown to automatically solve 86% of the data center problems in these complex industries.

How HPE Infosight helps Manage Storage

Infosight is more than an updated infrastructure for your storage management. It gives you a completely new model for your storage management as well. You get insights into your system rather than reactions. Your system health is updated proactively, reducing the need for last minute band aids. You gain actionable information that you can use immediately, presented to you in an accessible user interface that does not require professional assistance to interpret.

The Threats You Face

Industry watchdogs have reported varying numbers in the rise of cybercrime. One of the more conservative estimates puts the rise in cybercrime at 22% comparing today’s instances to 2010. In many cases, these crimes cause customer facing downtime that can affect the relationship between business and consumer in a lasting way.

Today, the average downtime that an outage causes is around 35 minutes. If you have ever faced downtime that is longer than this average, then you have cause for serious concern with your data center. This may be the very reason that you are trying to upgrade it, and you deserve a solution that addresses this problem in a very precise and direct way.

If you are facing a problem with your data storage, you have a 99.9% chance that problem occurred outside of your storage system. Today’s digital systems are interconnected in ways that do not allow for departmental quarantine. If one part of your system goes down, especially if you are working within a legacy structure, you can expect other parts of your system to be affected in a substantial way.

If you do not have a plan that addresses your current performance bottlenecks and properly assumes a deep connection your data storage to other parts of your infrastructure, it is time to get a plan. Otherwise, you can fully expect to face very serious problems with your data at some point in the future. Infosight helps you determine the steps that you need to take outside of your current storage environment. If you need to upgrade your controllers or increase your cache in order to maximize performance, Infosight is the tool that will expediently give you the solution.

The True Cost of Data Center Downtime

In 2010, the average cost of an outage for a data center stood at $505,502. This number has increased substantially over the years. The average cost stands at $740,357 as of 2016, and the number continues to rise every single year.

Keep in mind that this is an average cost. The cost of a full outage is twice that of a partial outage. The less prepared you are, the more likely you are to experience a more serious outage. If you have not prepared contingency for this kind of expense, then you owe it to your business to prepare now.

Mitigating Your Business’ Downtime Costs

Infosight gives you a full overhaul of your storage management using the latest in data science for the best insights into your replacement timing and updates. Your Comport Technology Solutions team will ensure the optimal performance of your storage arrays and reduce the downtime you will face.

Infosight provides the ability for you to reach 99.9999% of your available uptime. This guarantee is beyond industry standards, but it is one that Comport Solutions has built its reputation on. You can trust the dedicated experts at Comport to be your personalized data center team for the building and implementation process.

Let’s face it – you are probably having trouble getting the stars to align in your data center by yourself. You need the predictive analytics and additional innovations of Infosight in your storage solution, especially if you are making substantial changes in the infrastructure of your business. As you are weighing out your options, rest assured that Comport will provide you with a simple and efficient upgrade to your data center solution through Infosight.

Comport has created Infosight to give its clients the most value possible in a data storage investment. Not only is the Infosight infrastructure created especially for this purpose, but the solution architects that will guide you are specifically trained for it as well. Build out a solution that is customized to your business without the downtime that plagues many industries and causes more problems than they are worth.

Author: Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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