5 Key Benefits of Composable Infrastructure

Virtualization once dominated the tech sphere, then came converged infrastructure. Change is upon us, however, with modern IT calling for a fluid solution that realizes the long-held dream of infrastructure as code. Hence, IT leaders’ growing preference for composable solutions. This revolutionary approach transforms compute, storage, and network devices into resource pools that can be called upon as needed — and without physical configuration.

Composable infrastructure relies on two main concepts:

  • Composability — the on-demand availability of necessary resources.
  • Disaggregation — the transfer of essential fabric resources into shared pools.

This duality drives the inherent efficiency and agility of composable systems. Gone is the need for transfigured hardware dedicated to specific applications — this highly inefficient approach has been replaced by software-defined infrastructure, which eliminates the overprovisioning of yesteryear.

At first glance, all this may seem hopelessly complicated. In reality, however, the goals of composable infrastructure are simple: amping up productivity while optimizing IT assets. These missions are easily achievable in a composable environment, where resources can be called upon when and where they’re needed.

Still not convinced that composable systems deserve their current status as IT genius? You just might change your mind once you’ve examined the top benefits of composable infrastructure, as outlined below:

  • AutomationIn the 2016 IDC’s Infrastructure Usage and Overprovisioning Trends Survey, 55 percent of respondents highlighted improved IT staff productivity as a top desired benefit of composable infrastructure. Automation represents one of the most effective paths to achieving this goal.

    Composable infrastructure relies on intelligent code allowing administrators to easily determine which resources are available and whether hardware is configured appropriately. Furthermore, composable systems use automatic diagnostics to determine where hardware issues exist and provide an easier way to manage your data center. This level of self-orchestration can dramatically cut back on the need for human intervention, particularly in rote operations. This, in turn, improves productivity and reduces the rate of human error.

  • Ease of UseComplicated IT infrastructure can be difficult to implement and even worse to maintain. If new systems are too complex to integrate, your organization is not likely to see purported benefits such as increased efficiency or agility. Such concerns are not warranted with composable infrastructure.

    With composable systems, all IT essentials can be managed from a single location. Under such a setup, hardware doesn’t need to be added separately, compute, storage and networking can all be spun up quickly to support specific applications. Once you are done with them, they can be returned to the resource pool. Forget the complicated data centers of the past; in a composable environment, application development, workload management and deployment are simplified to drive accessible and scalable systems.

  • Infrastructure on DemandIn today’s idea-based economy, on-demand infrastructure isn’t merely helpful — it’s essential. For this reason, provisioning on demand is often highlighted as the top benefit of composable infrastructure. Composable systems can provide on-demand deployment via predefined templates.

    No longer do IT assets need to be continually procured for you to expand your footprint. Save on space, cooling and electricity too. Composable infrastructure places the IT resources your organization requires within easy reach.

  • NimblenessComposable infrastructure opens the door to a more nimble environment, in which resources are not only accessed quickly, but also used precisely. With composable infrastructure, it’s possible to allocate the exact compute, storage, or memory resources needed in any given situation. This approach allows for the composing and recomposing of infrastructure to meet the precise demands of various workloads. Resources can be meticulously mapped for every application without fear of physical server problems that might otherwise prompt overprovisioning.
  • AgilityIn an age of constant technological change, agile systems are more important than ever. To succeed in this competitive landscape, your organization should constantly be prepared for technological disruption. The sooner transformative systems can be implemented, the greater of an edge you’ll enjoy over the competition.

    Composable infrastructure helps you level up by dramatically increasing agility. Equipped with a composable system, you can instantly deploy innovative applications that take your organization to the next level. Furthermore, these systems can quickly be aligned with overarching business goals to ensure that they keep the core values that drive your organization.

A much-anticipated leap forward in IT infrastructure, composable infrastructure is well-suited to the idea economy of tomorrow. Whether you’re looking to adopt an automated or more agile approach, your organization can benefit from the vast range of opportunities that composable systems provide.

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