5 Key Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask about Nimble Storage dHCI

As a technology leader, it can feel impossible to balance all the demands put on you. On the one hand, you must keep complex system running that supports both modern and traditional applications. On the other hand, you need to balance business initiatives and make decisions based on what is best for the company. And, at the same time, you are under pressure to keep costs in line. While hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can address many of your challenges, it has its limitations. This is where the new architecture of HPE Nimble Storage dCHI can help.

What’s the Difference Between HCI and dHCI?

HCI is a unified system that brings together all the elements of traditional data centers. Computing, networking, storage, and management capabilities are all brought together into one infrastructure. Resources are dynamically allocated based on needs. This is a great fit for many environments, but it has many drawbacks in IT environments with mixed workloads. In a larger environment with greater complexity, you can wind up buying more HCI nodes to keep up with performance and capacity requirements, resulting in spending far more than you should.

Disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI) gives you the ability to independently scale storage, network, and compute while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use HCI provides. Additionally, you gain the ability to converge various workload types.

What Is Nimble Storage dHCI?

Nimble Storage dHCI is an intelligent platform that scales in a flexible manner while maintaining the easy management you get with traditional HCI. Nimble Storage dHCI accomplishes this with the advanced artificial intelligence of HPE InfoSight. This AI can diagnose performance issues before they become a serious issue and, in many cases, fix them automatically. The system resolves 85% of problems without the need for human intervention.

Additionally, Nimble Storage dHCI provides you with flexible infrastructure. Having applications anchored to either on-premises or public cloud leads to expensive waste. Independent scaling, by contrast, gives you the adaptability you need for varying workloads. In the end, you avoid overprovisioning and ultimately save time and money.

What Are the Benefits of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI?

Nimble Storage dHCI allows you to utilize resources more efficiently to save your organization money and time. This intelligent platform provides:

  • Agility: Accelerate service and app delivery.
  • Efficiency: Drive productivity with zero wasted resources.
  • Independent Scaling: Scale compute and storage non-disruptively with guaranteed data efficiency.
  • Guaranteed Resilience: over six-nines of measured data availability guaranteed!
  • Ends Fire-Fighting: Predict and prevent disruptions.

How Can Nimble Storage dHCI’s Integration of HPE InfoSight Help with Automation?

Whether you are using established HPE ProLiant services or entirely new computing, storage, and networking, Nimble Storage dHCI is quick, easy, and automated with the integration of HPE InfoSight.

Customers are finding that HPE Nimble dHCI helps them manage and drive their environments with full stack automation and easy to manage VMs. vCenter combined with an HPE InfoSight dashboard allows them to easily allocate resources and data for particular workloads and applications.

On top of this, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI with HPE InfoSight is currently the industry’s only dHCI powered by AI. With many issues resolved automatically and others getting priority support with HPE (InfoSight’s installation allows you to skip to a higher level of support) there’s simply less hassle. What’s also important is HPE InfoSight’s ability to utilize a single interface to view and quickly troubleshoot a variety of VMware issues, including performance. Now, you don’t need multiple tools. One tool for the same tasks equals simplified, expedient troubleshooting.

Finally, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI excels at speeding application provisioning with VMware vVols Integration by allowing you to use templates along with VM-centric automation to control things like data reduction, QoS for performance and VM-level snapshot backups.

What Can Nimble dHCI Provide for Your Business?

This simple installation, independent scaling and management means that your valuable IT team members can concentrate their efforts on the tasks that matter most to you. The flexible and optimized system means that you can stop overprovisioning and overspending.

Data is protected from breach and losses with application-level encryption, secure data shredding, and frequent backups for quick recovery. Best of all, this is a platform that can scale with your business. HPE Nimble dHCI automatically discovers new resources and upgrades on the fly, so you always have the capabilities you need, no matter what your demands are.

Is dHCI right for your infrastructure? Learn more about ComportSecure’s infrastructure solutions, then contact us to discuss your needs and the solution that fits best for your company.

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